Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pro-Government Demonstrations in Iran

Pro-Government Rally in Tehran. 30 December. NBC

Government-organized rallies were staged today across Iran. Tens of thousands of government supporters took part in demonstrations, chanting slogans against the leadership of the Green movement. Their message: Repent or we will confront you as Mohareb (enemy of God). In Tehran, crowds burned American and British flags.


Anonymous said...

i believe this is the last resistant of oposition in regard their was two senario in sunday move west plus usa creat a form of crack downe to justified in a way people of iran tiered of current reziem and start attacking government in full speed posible in reality of picture and film absorbed has deferent view of it first show all police forces and irgc defeated by not ingaging in fight with mub secound they did not want creat blood of people to give the foriegne new a reason to justified them action so rather face thermandace beat up from mub what is the next senario will be the last remain of resistance of mub to take direct action on the leadership level to see they are serious and if is the last man of people in iran country remain they would fight to death that will not be include in side iran the intire reigne will be effect in few days whatch and see usa may fined the most political mistack by doing this strategy and it will face the out brick of war in vary short time so far million of pro government protest againest green party and government must do the action asasp to destroy intire net work at this time people of iran give the right to crash all net work do againest government even mko political party has base in franch the will see havy crack down comming days i believe also usa will face heavy fight in afghanistan by iranian forces by this week will be lot of life will be lost in this week.

PiroozZ said...

Anyone see that hilarious aerol video released by the government? It kept changing clips every few seconds, with zoom ins and other techniques which tries to trick the already deceived mind that it's a massive continuous crowd. In the millions! lol. No more than 30,000. They couldn't even fill Azadi square, thats why they went to engehlab square.