Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thai Police Accuse Four Iranians for Planning to Attack Israeli Diplomats

The Bangkok Police said today the three Iranians detained after accidentally setting off explosives in the Thai capital were planning to attack Israeli diplomats.

The allegation came after days of strong accusations by Israel that Iran was behind the botched plot as well as two others in India and the former Soviet republic of Georgia this week. Iran has denied the charges.

Citing the similarity of bombs used in New Delhi and Tbilisi, Thai police Chief Gen. Prewpan Dhamapong said that Thai authorities now “know for certain that (the target) was Israeli diplomats” [AP, 16 February].

On Monday, a bomb tore through an Israeli diplomatic vehicle in New Delhi, wounding the driver and a diplomat's wife, and an attempt the same day in Tbilisi was also foiled. The alleged plot in Bangkok was discovered Tuesday only by accident, when explosives stored in a house occupied by several Iranian men blew up accidentally.

One of the Iranians, Mohammad Kharzei, was paraded before journalists in Bangkok today. Another suspect, Saeid Moradi, lost his legs when an explosive he was carrying blew up as he fled police in the Bangkok’s busy Sukhumvit Road area. Surveillance video released by police apparently links the suspects, showing them leaving their destroyed house just after the first blast.

The third Iranian, Masoud Sedaghatzadeh, was detained in Malaysia and the Malaysian federal police said today he was being investigated for terrorism-related activities linked to the Bangkok blasts.

A Bangkok court has approved arrest warrants for all three suspects, as well as an Iranian woman named Leila Rohani who rented the destroyed house. However, authorities believe Rohani has already left Thailand.

All four now face criminal charges including possession of explosives, attempted murder, attempted murder of a policeman and causing explosions that damaged property.

Source: AP, 16 February 2012

UPDATE (Thu 16 February): Thailand said today that Masoud Sedaghatzadeh, the Iranian national suspected to be involved in the botched bomb plot in Bangkok, will be extradited from Malaysia. Sedaghatzadeh was arrested yesterday by Malaysian police in Kuala Lumpur.


Anonymous said...

Mossad using MKO terrorists and blaming it on Iran..Yet another failed mossad false flag gone awfully wrong...

Nader Uskowi said...

In your parallel universe, Israel is the all-powerful country behind the plots perpetuated anywhere in the world, and the MKO is their all-powerful Iranian partner worldwide. News and analysis made simple. The problem is you might start believing it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nader,

sorry but do you really think the iranian regime is going to harm israel or us by doing such attacks?

Which reason? Do you think that iran thinks, if we do this, then israel must attacke us and so we can save ourselfe?

Israel would attack the hole country then because of 2 or 3 bombing attacks?

I dont believe so!

What i believe is that you have to get the hole world behind you before you can start a war on iran.

And these are the first steps to bring ppl to the point.


-saudi ambassador
-helping syira..

yeah man i thing it works....even Amu nader believe in it
The kid

mat said...

What a zionist's high drama of the millenium!

Nader Uskowi said...

@ 9:17 AM,

This post was not an analysis on whether the Iranian regime or elements within it were responsible for the recent attacks in New Delhi, Tbilisi or Bangkok, nor was it an analysis of whether would launch a retaliatory attack on Iran. The post was factual reporting of what the Thai police have said regarding the explosions and the likely terrorist charges that could be brought against the four Iranians.

Needless to say, we cannot and should not assume that these Iranians are guilty as charged. The case needs to be investigated thoroughly. But you, without providing any proofs, are already identifying the four as members of the MKO and accusing them of acting on the order of the Israelis and attempting to kill Israelis in Bangkok! Incredible! No sense of humor can cover this type of hastily “analysis.” But again, as long as you provoke the word “Zionist,” you might not feel the need for analysis or proving your accusations, isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

The fascist theocracy in Iran is deeply responsible for the terrorist attacks against Iranians abroad as well as countries like Thailand.
Khamenei the head mullah said himself just a few days ago that the Islamic regime will help other terrorists if they support their misbegotten policies against Iranians and the world.
The occupying regimes enemy is Iran first because Iran is the first country to suffer under these charlatans and it will be Iran that will destroy these occupiers.

Anonymous said...

Thailand police are all Zionists just like Indian police are all Zionists.

These wonderful brave Iranians were forced to go to India and Thailand by Zionists, where they were hypnotized by Zionists and were believing that they weren't assembling bombs but cooking up biryani.

Zionists are very tricky.

attack on Iran said...

Hi Nader: I recently came across your blog and am keen to start exploring it as I just started a blog of my own on the ME with an initial focus on the ongoing issue of Iran's nuclear program and whether Israel or the US might actually attack and attempt to destroy it.

So, my understanding - albeit more limited than yours I'm sure - is that it is looking increasingly like Israel has been using MKO in the assassination of Iranian scientists. I wrote a blog post on it - - with a reference to this long article by NBC news on that subject which quotes US officials. If this is true, would we not expect Iran at some point to retaliate - how could they not do so in fact? Just curious if I am misunderstanding something? Josh

Anonymous said...

Pathetically clumsy and desperate Zionist FALSE FLAG. Beyond a joke.

Nader Uskowi said...

Hi Josh,

Welcome to our blog, and congrats for starting your own, it looks great, best of luck!

The Israelis have all but publicly admitted their involvement in the assassination of the nuclear scientists. The question you raise is whether the Israelis are employing Iranian nationals and groups to do the work on their behalf. The short answer is we don’t know. It is highly unusual for Mossad to use foreign nationals to carry out its operations, in fact I do not recall any example in the past that non-Israelis have been deployed or used in foreign countries to carry on operations on their behalf. The pride of Israeli special operations has been the willingness of their highly professional cadres to take such risks. Could Iran case be different, because the Israelis cannot enter the country legally? I don’t know. If they are indeed Iranian nationals, it is a radical departure from their normal procedure. They can always enter the country illegally and pull off these types of operations. Again, the short answer to your question on whether they are using foreign nationals is that we do not know.

As for Iranian retaliation, Israelis use or lack of use of Iranian nationals in such operations is in a sense immaterial for the Iranians. If the reports of recent terrorist attacks and planned attacks on Israeli embassies and diplomats are true, then those could very well be retaliation by the Iranians.

Let’s keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

"Nader Uskowi said...
In your parallel universe, Israel is the all-powerful country behind the plots perpetuated anywhere in the world, and the MKO is their all-powerful Iranian partner worldwide. News and analysis made simple. The problem is you might start believing it!
February 16, 2012 9:06 AM"

So this is NOT an analysis???

"as long as you provoke the word 'Zionist,' you might not feel the need for analysis or proving your accusations"

So there are no zionists at all. Mentioning zionism is by itself a conspiracy theory.

Thank you very much for your REAL analysis. Thank you for enlighten us.

Nader Uskowi said...

@ 3:57 AM,

How did you get to that conclusion? I was not talking about the existence of Zionism. I was referring to the type of analysis that sees all the conspiracies perpetuated in the world, including these recent bombings, as the work of Zionists. That might be a simple answer, but isn’t it too simple? I have said in the comments that the Israelis all but have taken responsibility for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. But here we are talking about assassination attempts against Israelis. How do you link that to Zionism? It’s like linking the nuclear scientist assassinations to Islamic Republic!

Anonymous said...

Nader Uskowi is a Zionist apologist...Anyone go through his postings and you'll see what I mean..

Paul Iddon said...

@ Anon 5:23 AM

I've read all of Nader Uskowi's posts, where on earth did you get that idea!?

Unless of course not being a spineless shill and a shameless commissar and propagandist for the Iranian regimes actions constitutes being an apologist for Zionism.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:23 AM

Nader Uskowi bases his opinions on FACTS not HATE like you.
Because people that base their opinions on hate are blinded by it regardless of any reasonable explanation.
You have a very fixed and negative view of the world and regard anybody else that speaks the truth as "Zionist".
This HATE reflects the type of regimes you support like Nazi's Communists and Islamist Fascists.
I could say that you are an apologist for the criminal theocracy in Tehran.