Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saudi King Abdullah urged US to attack Iran

According to US documents made public by the website Wikileaks King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urged the United States to attack Iran and put an end to its nuclear program.

A cable to Washington from the US embassy in Riyadh recorded the king's "frequent exhortations to the US to attack Iran and so put an end to its nuclear weapons program".

He is quoted as telling the Americans to "cut off the head of the snake"

He also stated that limiting Iranian influence in Iraq was "a strategic priority for the king and his government".


Anonymous said...

the wish of american dog to destroy fellow muslim brothers.not a good example for a person who are entitled as guardian of holly cities of Mecca and Medina

Jesse Aizenstat said...

I guess it's funny because we all sort of assumed this was the King's position... we just didn't know, exactly.

So does this mean that everyone just has to bomb Iran now?

What this does mean is that the Middle East is as cynical as some of us may think.

Anonymous said...

These Wahabbi cursed "al-Saud" pimps are a disgrace to humanity, particularly the Muslim world. Their corruption, ignorance and evil has allowed the Zionists and US to exploit the Muslim world, promote divisive agenda and terror in the Middle-east. Hope this 600lbs corrupt pig dies in coma like his Zionist master Sharon.

Mark Pyruz said...

So far only 220 docs have been uploaded by Wikileaks.

It's important to keep in mind that these docs are all US narratives.

So far, the obvious sectarian perspectives offered by certain Arab leaders come as something of a shock.

Also interesting is Israeli candidness toward their rejection of Iran acquiring a "Japan option" in terms of nuclear technology.

I wonder what sort of schedule Wikileaks is planning on to dump the remaining 251,000 docs for public consumption.

Anonymous said...

The wikileaks just confirm the US tactics of divide and rule neo-imperialism and come as no surprise to people in the region. American "embassies" are indeed den of spies as can be seen from their pervasive presence in Islamabad, Kabul, Amman, Baghdad,Cairo etc. The US mercenary agencies like Blackwater, XE, etc are the prime sources of terror and destabilization in the region. US surrogate puppet nations like Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and other lackeys are used for spying in other nations like Iran where the US can not operate openly. The Arab Wahabbi puppets are used as proxies to destabilize the Muslim world and create fratricide. This sort of US short-sighted idiocy will only cause more blowback and weaken US position further in the world as its is already facing economic collapse as power shifts to Asia. It also highlights the juvenile nature of US policy making and Zionist control over the US in all spheres.

ashley said...

interesting... there are many facets within the Muslim faith and culture that can't be fully comprehended just by reading the headlines cable tv dishes out...

Anonymous said...

Why do so many muslims hate each other? Is it all the fault of America?

America has only been around for 235 years, muslims have been hating and killing each other for many many many hundreds/thousands of years before America came to be.


Kemjika said...

Wikileaks website is currently experiencing a mass DDOS attack,but they say they plan on still uploading and releasing all the docs. KSA has never been Iran's friend but Iran is more disciplined and will defeat at least 9/10 of its foes.KSA is militarily weak and so is the US military.If they were not, then why haven't they attacked Iran's facilities? actions speak louder than words and if the GCC and US military REALLY think they should attack now,even with all their superior technology, they seem unable to. Iran has effective deterrence.

Persicus Maximus said...

Please take a little time and read my article from Oct.

I recommend more caution, I would have used this wikileaks to my advantage and control the flow of information.

If I were any of the countless US "unintelligent" agencies.

Anonymous said...

Disinformation here and there.
Truth here and there
At the end you believe what you want to believe.

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

A coodinated action with certain states to have them insulted in order to be able to claim the truthfulness of some other untrues.

Its a hoax from top to bottom to create bitterness amongst uniting oppositions. (divide and rule)

God Bless Iran and all Iranians axcept the MFing MKO


Nader Uskowi said...

I put this comment on a related post, but allow me o repeat it here as well: It's high time to set aside angry and conspiracy theory-based reactions to the WikiLeaks documents on Iran and start examining them carefully for their tone and their meanings in relation to Iran's foreign policy. This is a much more fruitful exercise than a conversation on the timing and selectiveness of the releases, although that also has its own place and importance.

Never before the historians had access to so many diplomatic cables so early after their transmission. I have copied the link to Iran cable viewer on my post on Monday. I invite all to send their critical comments on the cables themselves.

Anonymous said...

as I said, its wanting to believe, and by wanting to believe, we find resons and justifications and rationals to do so

Some decide not to believe, like not wanting to believe a fraud in the Iranian election.(despite of being a Mussavi voter)

Dariush London