Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hariri in Tehran

The Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri arrived in Tehran on Saturday for a historic visit by a head of the Lebanese government to the Islamic Republic. The rising political tensions between pro-Western Hariri and pro-Iranian Hezbollah, especially in relations to the international tribunal on the assassination of Hariri's father, the late premier Rafigh Hariri, is the main topic of discussion between Hariri and the Iranian leaders.

The photos show the Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi (left) greeting the Lebanese premier. Tehran. 27 November 2010.

Photos: ISNA and Fars New Agency


Anonymous said...

This is the reason why mini-Hariri is in Iran. He goofed up and now wants to remain in power! His main backer Saudi was also fooled and supported the Zionist plot and realises that the Arab masses will soon have had enough of their spineless traitorous leaders

Mark Pyruz said...

Interesting that he was received by a VP and not the president.

Good shot of the IRIG's Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard,

Amir Taheri said...

Mark, protocal dictates someone on par. Hariri is the prime minister not the president. Iran's vice president would equate to a prime minister's role.

Anonymous said...

Hariri does n ot have an easy job.. have understanding.

This dudes tail is in Saudi Arabia, as Nasrallah's is in Iran.

Iran is courting him to switch sides and declare the tribunal as having become a contaminated political tool of Israel.

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

This pathetic Saad Hariri was a US/Saudi puppet choice but is now isolated even in Lebanon. The US and Saudis tried a failed putsch against Hezbollah by using the proxy Sunni mercenaries and elements of Lebanese army in 2008 but failed miserably as highly motivated Hezbollah and Nabi Berri's AMAL routed the Suadi supported Wahabbi freaks in a matter of hours and overran all of West Beirut. Most of Lebanon's army is now manned by Shia and the officer corps is also increasingly Shia as demographics dictate. Lebanon is a changed place as the Maronites are now a tiny minority scattered in North Beirut and the anti-Lebanon mountain range spine that starts at Zhale and Zgorta. In a recent analysis even by the dwindling maronites, their population is barely 10% of the overall Lebanese population of 4.2 million which includes half a million Palestinians who lost their lands to the Zionist occupationb of Palestine in 1948.

The fear resonates most strongly within Lebanon's once-dominant Maronite Christian community, today estimated at around 10 percent of the four-million population. Christian alliance with the Zionists and their atrocties against the Muslims during the Zionist occupation is also a very thory issue, particularly the Sabra and Shatilla massacres and the role of the Maronite SLA created by Zioniists.

"Christians fear the numbers," and have tried to stifle a realistic natinal census.

Hariri is in survival mode as Shia power and demographics consolidate in Lebanon. Even the Zionist military with total funding and support from the US and France could not defeat the Hezbollah, it would be the joke of the century if Saudi puppets could take on the Hezbollah militarily or politically. Hariri is a light-weight without a power base in Lebanon and the Sunnis are now also increasingly pro-Iran, particularly the 500,000 displaced Palestinians who have photos of Iranian leaders plastered all over the refugee camps and want to be allied to the winning Iranian team. Hariri knows full well that he will not last a day without Iranian agreement.