Sunday, November 21, 2010

Defenders of Velayat Skies III (4)

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Upgraded S-200 SAM on rail-mounted launcher

Upgraded S-200 launch

Samavat 35 mm autocannon in action

Rapier SAM launcher unit


Photos: AliReza Farhadifar
Videos: PressTV and IRINN


Anonymous said...

It is good to see Iran upgrading its domestic and foreign sourced AD systems. It is only a matter of time before the HQ 9 (Chinese upgraded S-300) will be manufactured and displayed in Iran, particularly as China is now being encircled and targeted by the US and its NATO puppets who are trying to co-opt Russia and India in their pathetic anti-China/Iran "missile defence" and strategic plans. The new "NATO" agenda is to spread Islamophobia and Sinophobia. Both these attempts will fail simply due to economic and demographic reasons. Europe is ageing and dead broke along with a bankrupt US that is being bled to death in wars of choice and facing rapid social and economic decline. Iran and China cooperation will only increase.

WMD said...

Sorry for the crosspost (again)!

Welcome to the parrot cage !!

The Yanks started it, Medvedev doesn't know better (he's an idiot) and now Cathy is squawking nuclear weapons "capability".

So, it's official now:
unalienable right to the nuclear fuel cycle ==== nuclear weapons capability

Are you listening Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Brasil ?!!

Anonymous said...

Sick and tired of "valayat" this and "velayat" that. Iran is not a "velayat" and the "velayat-e fghih" does not own Iran.

Anonymous said...

Iran also has many Roland batteries. Some were captured from Saddam at Fao in pristine condition with French instuctions books that the French advisors helping the inept Iraqis were using. Iran also captured at least half a dozen SA-6 mobile launchers along with ZSU-23 tracked quads with assorted radars near Basra during the Jange Tahmili.