Sunday, November 14, 2010

5th International Kish-Iran Air Show (photos)

Photos from the 5th International Kish-Iran Air Show, taken by Reza Rahmani and Alireza Rastad at For more photos, click here. The official site for the Kish Air Show can be found here.

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IRGC Shahed 285 (1)

IRGC Shahed 285 (2)

HESA Iran 140 (1)

HESA Iran 140 (2)

HESA Iran 140 (3)

IRGCAF Antonev An-74TK-200

Antonev Design Bureau An-225 (1)

Antonev Design Bureau An-225 (2)

IRGCN Bell 206 JetRanger


Anonymous said...

I love Irans progress but the first heli i can swear i pulled out of my corn flakes carton this morning

Anonymous said...

interesting photos ,

keep up the good work .

reader said...
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Winston said...

who are these idiots fooling? That is one ugly B-206 jet ranger.

Anonymous said...

It's still better looking than your comment, Winston.

Anonymous said...

They are fooling fools like you. Because you are a zion looser