Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pollution: Tehran Shut Down

The Iranian authorities today shut down the country's capital, closing down all offices, schools and shops due to extreme levels of air pollution. The visibility in Tehran is reportedly near zero. The authorities also said that the closing of the offices and schools might be extended beyond today and into next week.

Photos: Amir Kholoosi, ISNA


Anonymous said...

What is the main cause of this pollution?

Nader Uskowi said...

The culprits must include low-quality/leaded gasoline and so many cars on the road. Compounded by poor management of the city by successive mayors and lack of a comprehensive policy on the part of the government to keep the city more livable and to prepare it for emergencies.

Anonymous said...

@Nader sounds like LA the last time I visited.

Anonymous said...

has anyone of you been to Valley in LA at the Rush hour ???

Tehrans dilema is its location, no proper winds to blow it away like most other cities.

Capital has to move out to Isfahan.

And Petrol has to get its proper price.
Cultur of not using a car for silly jaunts is also helpful.

The rest of all the reasoning is BS (by all respect.. pseudo-political)

Dariush London

Nader Uskowi said...

Those readers comparing Tehran's situation to LA must not have visited the two cities in recent years, no comparison in the quality of air between them!

I agree that Tehran suffers from too many cars, including very old polluting vehicles on the road and the use low-quality gasoline. Its geography also is a major contributing factor. But the issue cannot be fully comprehended if we discount the effect of a corrupt government on the city's management.

Anonymous said...

High time oil production declines, that will give us clear skies.

Type in google "Samsam Bakhtiari" and that gives you some idea what is ahead.