Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks Cables on Iran

Please click here for the cable viewer on documents currently released on Iran.

Never before historians had access to so many diplomatic cables so early after their transmission. In the coming days, we will examine the tone and the content of some of the more important documents.


Anonymous said...

These fabricated "leaks" are part of the Zionist/US psy-op campaign against Iran and aimed at regional destabilization. They are indeed the diplomatic equivalent of the 911 FALSE FLAG farce.

There is a reason why this Wikileaks is news worldwide. There is a reason they are allowed to spread this blatant disinformation.

The Zionst/Illuminati/Bilderberg create chaos and deliver their own solutions by sowing discord, paranoia, hate-peddling and wars.

What will be the outcome of this farce? The freedom on the internet will be decreased. There will probably be some privacy decreasing measures as well. Just wait and see how the Zionist/AIPAC axis uses these laughable "leaks" to perpetuate a war against Iran and use them to enhance the TSA type police state at home.

Italy's foreign minister said: "Wikileaks is the 9/11 of diplomacy".

Think about that. Brace for new measures that will take away more of US civil freedoms, human rights and see the US is mired in more wars in the Middle-East to protect Zionist hegemony. The agenda of the Jewish lobby in the US is create a paranoid police state that is in a state of endless war with the world. They want the US to be turned into a macro-Israhell where every minority is suspect and treated as criminals.

There is more to these "leaks" than meets the eye. More than 90% are totally Iranophobic with a single track agenda of warmongering against the Muslim world. Hopefully, rational people around the world can see through it.

Even according to the BBC, it is no coincidence that these leaks came on the same day as two Iranian nuclear scientists were targeted for assassination by the Zionists and Iran's enemies. These are part and parcel of the undeclared war agianst Iran underway since 1979 including Saddam's US instigated invasion of Iran in 1980 aided and prodded by Arab money. The same characters in Langley and Foggy Bottom are using the same modus operandi. They are in for a severe disappointment as the world has changed in 2010 and the US is a bankrupt deadbeat already engaged into various Islamophobic lost wars and paranoia at home with a failed bankrupt economy.

Anonymous said...

Did "Dinner Jacket" write that speech for you? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Wikileaks exposes and embarrasses everyone except for one special country. The U.S., check. Russia, check. Iran, check. China, check. Europe, check. Arabs, check. Pakistan, check. But, hmmm, wait, nothing juicy or embarrassing about Israel. Except, of course, on how (bravo!) Israel is so vigilant in warning the world about Iran, or about (kudos!) all the Arabs secretly agree with Israel, or (you geniuses!) how Israel's been proven right about its phoney Iran accusations.

Nader Uskowi said...

The WikiLeaks documents are US diplomatic cables originated from US embassies to report on communications with foreign leaders and other related information. For the students of the US foreign policy, and the students of international relations in general, these are invaluable documents.

Normally we should have waited for decades before these documents were released to the public. We were not supposed to see them, and an illegal act by someone or someones made them released. Now that they are public records, we need to read and study them carefully and comment on the content of individual reports for their importance and accuracy. Sloganeering, as easy as it is, unfortunately does not replace careful examination of these documents.

Anonymous said...

link is down.

here I saw another way to hit the site on Persius maxius

Dariush London