Thursday, November 18, 2010

Defenders of Velayat Skies III (2)

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MIM-23 HAWK tracked carrier

MIM-23 HAWK (Shahin) SAM battery (1)

MIM-23 HAWK (Shahin) SAM battery (2)

MIM-23 HAWK (Shahin) SAM launch

Tall King 2-Dimensional VHF Band Surveillance Radar

Rapier SAM launcher


Alireza Farhadifar at FARS News Agency
Islamic Republic News Agency
Iranian Students' News Agency

Videos: PressTV and IRIB1


WMD said...

The Iranians just claimed they managed to turn a S200 into a "S300" and my guess is they upgraded the missile with a TVM option.

Unless these S200's hide in an extensive tunnel complex and can be hauled out on very short notice, they'll still be sitting ducks.

reader said...

WMD: Are you suggesting that the location of these S-200 missiles can be tracked in realtime? They appear to be mobile and surely the revolutionary guards know that they have to keep them moving around or shelter them inside mountain tunnels.

Anonymous said...


The S-200 is anything but mobile. You know nothing about this system. Google and read about this. Do you see the rails these things are run over?


No such TVM upgrade has been done to the S-200. Only the electronics has been so called "digitized" (i.e., no tubes).

WMD said...

Quoting from my link:"...launchers... are often installed in permanent revetments ..."

So, of course they will be moved around a lot but eventually they have to be mounted on "permanent" fixtures which would probably be on the primary target list already. Unless you know of Iranian S200 TELs (Transporter/Erector/Launchers).

Apparently because of the detachable boosters the "Ghareh" can't be launched vertically like same sized liquid fueled ballistic missiles and it's too heavy to be launched from a TEL at any other angle.

One S200 weighs as much as (has the same "footprint", i.e. has the same chance of being spotted as) all four missiles of a S300 TEL.

@anonymous: so any "upgrade" would've been the "old" conventional one as mentioned in my link?

Anonymous said...

Iran ranked higher than Turkey, Brazil by U.N. development index

WMD said...

Let's hope this Chinese vote against Iran isn't becoming a trend because a Chinese veto is the only thing standing between manageable isolation and total obliteration. Maybe the Iranian ambassador in Norway was loath to skip a free meal.

This is not to say one should give a rat's ass about the whole charade going on in NY or Oslo.

Anonymous said...

What a pity these exercises should have started on the 8 Nov, then you see Iran could have claimed the missile that was not ba missile. You see all the glitters is not always gold. Talking about gold Iran should buy silver and crash JP Morgan!

Anonymous said...

When are targets not really.............targets?