Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hollande Is Elected President of France

Francois Hollande wins the French presidential runoff elections with 52 percent of the votes, defeating the sitting president Nicolas Sarkozy. Hollande becomes the first Socialist president since Francois Mitterrand and only the second in the Fifth Republic.  


Anonymous said...

a victory for iran too. the Hungarioan-Jew Sarkozy was the most anti iranain leader in EU.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, now that this Hungarian War criminal is flushed away.

Good for World Peace, and to whom it may concern, bloody good fo the Euro. The pressure will hopefully be taken off the Middle class and swung towards the Bankers.

Last but not least.. One anti Iranian M....... less in the arena !

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

Don't get carried away folks!
America and England call the shots when it concerns Middle Eastern policy,not France nor Germany.
Mullahs with nuclear weapons cannot be trusted by which ever government that comes into power in the West.
The dye has been cast as regards foreign policy towards the ill mannered mullahs.
Clutching on to straws comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

This is what you call true democracy.Not that farcical charade with their window dressing that has been operating in Iran for 33 years of fascist Islamic dictatorship under Khomeini and his leftover sidekick Khamenei.

Anonymous said...

Good news this morning
Sarko the sayan is finally gone.

Stranger said...

in terms of facism how US government has operated in the last decade with its support for despots and neo-imperailism is clear

democracy is only the ability of people to change the character and policies of the government they elect

in terms of that in the US as obama has shown what a facist state the US is controlled by crony capitalists and interest groups

Iran if you look at the changes that have taken place in terms of policies when people voted for khatami then Ahmadinejad from what they stood for

its vast compared to Obama who went againt everything he stood for

wheres the real democracey

even in france yes i think this new guy will be a bit less caring about zionist and US warmongering though he still will support them when they pile the pressure but in terms of Europe his ideas will be the real test if he is any different from sarkozy

i think he will not be that different because of all the vested groups that run western governments

so irans democracey vs some of those in the west, its a lot similar then western hypocrites and fascists make out to be

Anonymous said...

Stranger....You're full of crap.You or those basij bots might believe your own nonsense but certainly not anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21 PM

I'm afraid you are seriously underestimating France's clout when it comes to Middle Eastern policy. According to the article from Fox News, Hollande's stance on Iran could complicate the US and EU efforts to maintain support for sanctions.

Here is the excerpt:

On Iran’s increasingly menacing nuclear weapons program, Hollande’s election almost certainly means a weakening of the already weak EU position, and decreased pressure on Tehran. As Iran’s negotiator’s press for legitimization of their well-advanced uranium enrichment program, Hollande will likely be sympathetic to accepting what Iran already has in place, and even relaxing new EU economic sanctions set to come into effect this summer. Hollande’s election will also mean a return to a difficult France in NATO, thereby fostering an even less-cohesive alliance, increasing America’s leadership travails, especially as NATO winds down in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:05 PM

I'm afraid you're clutching on to straws because the socialists are known for their anti Islamic regime stance.Remember the socialists in the 1980s? Well they supported Saddam by supplying arms to Iraq.
Trust me France will continue the policies of the US and UK and to think otherwise is naive.

Anonymous said...

france will return to being less supportive of American policies

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59 AM

France has no love towards Islamic republic and will follow the US EU line against IRI.
Islamic theocracy won't benefit from socialist victory in France.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:39 PM

Don't take Stranger to seriously because he is one of those leftover leftist anti US haters who will side with any country that has an anti west agenda.Next he would say that Syria is a bastion of democracy and liberal thoughts or Somalia is more highly organized than the EU.
See what I'm getting at? He is a joker.