Monday, May 7, 2012

Iran Naval Forces pennant list

[Amended 5/7/12]


901          Tareq (ex-B 175) (SSK)
902          Noor (ex-B 224) (SSK)
903          Yunes (ex-B 220) (SSK)
xxx          Qaem (SS)
xxx          Fateh (SS)
xxx          Nahang (SSM)
xxx          Ghadir (SSM)
xxx          Ghadir xxx (SSM)
xxx          Ghadir xxx (SSM)
945          Ghadir 945 (SSM)
946          Ghadir 946 (SSM)
947          Ghadir 947 (SSM)
948          Ghadir 948 (SSM)
949          Ghadir 949 (SSM)
950          Ghadir 950 (SSM)
951          Ghadir 951 (SSM)
952          Ghadir 952 (SSM)
953          Ghadir 953 (SSM)
954          Ghadir 954 (SSM)
955          Ghadir 955 (SSM)
956          Ghadir 956 (SSM)
957          Ghadir 957 (SSM)
958          Ghadir 958 (SSM)
959          Ghadir 959 (SSM)
960          Ghadir 960 (SSM)

Destroyers (non-operational)

D5           Damavand (ex-Artemiz, ex-HMS Sluys) (DD)
D7           Babr (ex-USS Zellars) (DD)
D9           Palang (ex-USS Stormes) (DD)


71            Alvand (ex-Saam) (FFG)
72            Alborz (ex-Zaal) (FFG)
73            Sabalan (ex-Rostam) (FFG)
76            Jamaran (FFGH)
77            Velayat (bldg) (FFGH)


81            Bayandor (ex-US PF 103) (FS)
82            Admiral Naghdi (ex-US PF 104) (FS)

Patrol Forces

201          Kayvan (ex-61) (PB)
202          Tiran (ex-63) (PB)
204          Mahan (ex-64) (PB)
211          Parvin (ex-PGM 103) (PC)
212          Bahram (ex-PGM 112) (PC)
213          Nahid (ex-PGM 122) (PC)
P 221       Kaman (PGGF)
P 222       Zoubin (PGGF)
P 223       Khadeng (PGGF)
P 224       Peykan (PGGF)
P 225       Joshan (PGGF)
P 226       Falakhon (PGGF)
P 227       Shamshir (PGGF)
P 228       Gorz (PGGF)
P 229       Gardouneh (PGGF)
P 230       Khanjar (PGGF)
P 231       Neyzeh (PGGF)
P 232       Tabarzin (PGGF)
P 233       Derefsh (PGGF)
P 234       Kalat (PGGF)
P 313-1    Shahid Mehdavi (ex-Fath) (PTFG)
P 313-2    Shahid Kord (ex-Nasr) (PTFG)
P 313-3    Shahid Shafihi (ex-Saf) (PTFG)
P 313-4    Shahid Towsali (ex-Ra'ad) (PTFG)
P 313-5    Shahid Hejat Zadeh (ex-Fajr) (PTFG)
P 313-6    Shahid Dara (ex-Shams) (PTFG)
P 313-7    Shahid Absalan (ex-Me'raj) (PTFG)
P 313-8    Shahid Rahisi Raisi (ex-Falaq) (PTFG)
P 313-9    Shahid Golzam (ex-Hadid) (PTFG)
P 313-10  Shahid Sahrabi (ex-Qadr) (PTFG)

Mine Warfare Forces

301           Hamzeh (ex-Sahrokh, ex-MSC 2706) (YDT)
312           Riazi (ex-MSI 14) (MS)

Amphibious Warfare Forces and Auxiliaries

21             Hejaz (LST)
22             Karbala (LST)
24             Farsi (LST)
25             Sardasht (LST)
26             Sab Sahei (LST)
xx             Iran Asr (ex-Arya Akian) (LST)
xx             Iran Ghadr (ex-Arya Dakht) (LST)
101           Fouque (LSL)
102           xxx (LSL)
103           xxx (LSL)
400           Dolphin (ex-US ARD 29, ex-FD 4) (YFDB)
411           Kangan (AWT)
412           Taheri (AWT)
xxx           Shahid Marjani (AWT)
xxx           Amir (AWT)
421           Bandar Abbas (AORLH)
422           Busher (AORLH)
424           Daylam (AWT)
431           Kharg (AORH)
441           Chah Bahar (ex-Amphion, AR 13) (AR)
471           Delvar (AEL)
472           Sirjan (AEL)
481           Charak (AKL)
482           Chiroo (AKL)
483           Soroo (AKL)
xxx           Silim (AWT)
xxx           Dayer (AWT)
511           Hengam (LSLH)
512           Larak (LSLH)
513           Tonb (LSLH)
514           Lavan (LSLH)
802           Hamzah (ex-Shahsavar) (AGG)
xxx           Abnegar (ex-Glimmer) (YGS)
1401         Hendijan (PBO)
1402         Sirik (PBO)
1403         Konorak (PBO)
1404         Gavatar (PBO)
1405         Moqam (PBO)
1406         Bahregan (ex-Geno) (PBO)
1407         Kalat (PBO)
1408         Genaveh (PBO)
1409         Rostami (PBO)
1410         Nayband (PBO)
15xx         Ghiam 1 (Pilot Craft)
1701         xxx (Water Barge) (YWN)
1702         xxx (Water Barge) (YWN)
1703         xxx (Kaew-class Fuel Lighter) (YO)
1704         xxx (Kaew-class Fuel Lighter) (YO)
1712         xxx (Garbage Disposal Lighter) (YG)
xxxx         Iran Parak (YO)
xxxx         Iran Shalak (YO)
xxxx         Iran Youshat (YO)
xxxx         Macham (PBO)
xxxx         Koramshahr (PBO)
--              Haamoon (YTB)
--              Hirmand (YTB)
--              Menab (YTB)
--              Hari-Rud (YTB)
--              Aras (YTM)
--              Alban (YT)
--              Sefid-Rud (YTB)
--              Atrak (YTM)
--              Abad (YT)
--              Aslam (YT)
--              Dehloran (YT)
--              Ilam (YT)
--              Hangam (YT)
--              Daryavand II (YT)
--              Khandag (YT)
--              Arvand (YT)
--              Karkeh (YT)

Type abbreviations:

SS          Submarine, general
SSK        Patrol submarine with ASW capability
SSM       Submarine, midget
DD         Destroyer
FFG       Guided missile frigate
FFGH     Guided missile frigate, helicopter
FS          Corvette
PB          Coastal patrol vessel under 45 m w/o heavy armament
PBO       Offshore patrol vessel between 45 and 60 m
PC          Patrol force vessel 35-55 m primarily for ASW role
PGGF     Patrol force vessel 35-55 m equipped with at least 76 mm gun, force guided missile system, speed in excess of 35 kt
PTFG     Attack boat, speed in excess of 35 kt, equipped with guided missile system
YDT       Diving tender
LST        Landing ship tank with bow doors and/or landing ramp
LSL        Landing ship logistic
LSLH      Landing ship logistic, helicopter
MS          Minesweeper
AEL        Ammunition ship capable of underway replenishment, small
AKL        Cargo ship, light
AWT       Water tanker
AORLH   Replenishment oiler, small, helicopter
AORH     Replenishment oiler, helicopter
AGG       Auxiliary misc., with force guided missile system
AR          Repair ship
YDT        Diving tender
YFDB      Floating dry dock, large
YG          Garbage lighter
YGS        Survey launch
YO          Fuel lighter
YTB        Harbor tug, large
YTM       Harbor tug, medium
YT          Harbor tug (unspecified)
YWN       Water barge


Mark Pyruz said...

Suggested corrections and comments from readers are greatly encouraged.

M-ATF said...

Good Work Pyruz.
Have you seen that video of Velayat-90 wargames that it is mentioned the name of Ghadir-990 and Ghadir-945 on it?

M-ATF said...

I think Qaem and Fateh are the same.

mat said...

The mighty Islamic republic of Iran will never ever reveal all its advanced and sophisticated military cards to the world. Is Iran that stupid? By the way, thank to M.Pyruz for his great efforts.

Anonymous said...

mat....And besides their antiquated equipment and North Korean style junk what possible types of wonder weapons has this "mighty Islamic republic of Iran" possesses that they are not revealing to the world?
Please mat,educate us with your mighty wisdom because the world is shaking in its boots from the "mighty Islamic republic"tinpot army you joker.

mat said...

Anti-war organizations against attack on Iran: Veterans for Peace
Wed May 9, 2012 1:9PM GMT

President of the US-based Veterans for Peace Leah Bolger says many anti-war organizations are making efforts to oppose a possible military attack against Iran.

Veterans for Peace and many peace-seeking organizations are trying so hard to oppose a military attack against Iran, Bolger said in an interview with the Iranian Fars News Agency.

The former US commander said such an attack against Iran would violate international law.

Referring to the upcoming summit of NATO leaders in Chicago, Bolger said she and many of the members of the Veterans for Peace would go to Chicago to declare the veterans demand to end NATO’s mission and war.

Washington and Tel Aviv have time and again threatened Tehran with a military strike against its civilian nuclear facilities.

Iranian officials have also promised a powerful response to any military strike against the country, warning that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

mat....Why mention the anti war brigade?
Isn't the "mighty Islamic republic" capable in destroying the combined forces of NATO and the US with their wonder weapons?
No Arab country will lift a finger for the "mighty Islamic republic".
Not even Syria because Assad is stuck in quicksand that is slowly but surely taking him and that sick regime down into the abyss of history.But never mind you keep writing your dross for our amusement.

Anonymous said...

Lol! just wondering what is a garbage lighter (abreviated as YG)... some sort of support vessel designed to empty trash? Hell, that's not a position I'd wish for in the navy...

mat said...

Mon Jan 9, 2012 4:7PM GMT

An American defense analyst has outlined several reasons why the US administration should not become involved in military confrontation with Iran.

Adam Lowther, a member of the faculty at the US Air Force's Air University, called on US politicians to consider options before deciding on a military attack against Iran.

1. Iran possesses what is likely the most capable military the US has faced in decades.

Lowther explained that Iran is not like Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan or Iraq that the US invaded, adding that in all of these examples, the US military defeated an adversary incapable of competing with the US.

He also noted that the Iranian military is far more competent and capable and after watching the war in Iraq for a decade has a good understanding of US tactics and strategy.

The analyst said Iran's Navy is skilled in littoral combat and may be capable of closing the Strait of Hormuz for sufficient duration to wreak economic havoc. The recent naval exercises by the Iranian navy illustrate a clear strategy that would seek to close the strait while attempting to sink American combat vessels that enter the area. This would result in a significant loss of commercial shipping and cause the price of oil to skyrocket.

2. Unlike Iraq, Iran's Army and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps will not lay down their arms at the first sight of US ground troops.

Lowther said that Iranian military forces watched Afghanistan and Iraq for lessons on how to defeat the Americans.

3. The Iranian Intelligence Ministry is among the most competent in the world.

According to the writer, the ministry has successfully hunted down anti-Iran elements over the past thirty years.

4. Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah can help Iran in a possible US war on Iran.

The defense analyst stated that should the US military attack Iran, Hezbollah, with three decades of experience fighting the Israelis, is likely to launch a series of counter-attacks.

5. Iran's cyber capabilities are impressive and growing.

Lowther wrote that an attack on Iran's nuclear infrastructure is likely to prompt a sustained cyber-attack unlike any we have seen. It will likely target critical data in the public and private sector and seek to wreak havoc, shut down systems, and destroy data.

6. The US military deserves a rest from war after a decade of intense combat operations.

Lowther reminded that how wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have taken their toll on American soldiers, their families, and the equipment they rely on.

7. A "limited attack" on Iran will likely escalate into a wider war, making it difficult for the US military to rest and refit.

The expert said even a focused strike against Iran's nuclear facilities will elicit a response well beyond "limited" US objectives.

The author in the end once again urged the US government to weigh all options before resorting to military conflict against Iran.

Anonymous said...

mat....F22 Raptors and submarine based missile don't need to rest because they never started in the first place.But they are ready!

Anonymous said...

mat wrote:
"According to the writer,the ministry has successfully hunted down anti-Iran elements over the past thirty years"

The only anti-Iran elements are the ones that are occupying Iran under the name of the Islamic religion and raping and murdering the Iranian people for wanting to be free from a bunch of terrorists in charge of our country.

Anonymous said...

Seven reasons--- all good ones and iran's military is absolutely better than Granada's ....and it will take the US three weeks to blow it to shards.

Iran excels at training people to blow up unsuspecting folks in sneak attacks.

It is completely mismatched against the American military, like a baby donkey against a lion.

mat--- stop believing the lies told to you by PRESS-TV. it makes you sound cretinous.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:43 PM

....and it will take the US three weeks to blow it to shards.

And then what?

Air and sea strikes, it worked so well with Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq.

Planes and ships don’t take ground. Enemies do not surrender while they still hold their territory.

It is completely mismatched against the American military, like a baby donkey against a lion.

In conventional warfare, certainly. But when it comes to asymmetrical warfare, the American military is completely disadvantaged against the Iranian military, like a virus against a lion. The lion can't attack what it can't see nor it can anticipate the unexpected.

mat said...

33 years now and next year will be 34, of course.

mat said...

Iran only country to stand up to US, Israel: Velayati
Thu May 10, 2012 5:51PM GMT

A senior Iranian official says the Islamic Republic is the only country which has firmly stood against the most powerful of global bullies, namely the United States and Israel.

“In line with the actualization of its goals, Iran will not bow down to any worldly forces,” Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, said on Thursday.

“The Islamic Republic is a country which seeks to safeguard its authority without militarism and aggression toward the sovereignty of other countries and only by using its capacities,” he added.

“Iran's name being among the 14 countries in possession of nuclear [energy] technology, the 12 countries with missile technology, and the eight countries possessing satellite and space technologies is a testament to [the Islamic Republic’s] all-out might and progress.”

The sole reason for the opposition of hegemonic and arrogant powers to Iran's peaceful activities and the advancement of its technology is that they do not want a country “outside their pacts” to become powerful, Velayati stressed.

Anonymous said...

Iran gives the illusion of standing up against the US and Israel but the reality is different.
And anybody with a little knowledge regarding those matters knows what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:43 PM

it will take the US three weeks to blow it to shards.

Only a naive fool like you would believe the Pentagon strategists' claim that it will take the US three weeks to defeat them. Mind you, these are the same strategists that said that it would take six months to defeat Vietnam and we all know how that turned out.

Anonymous said...

If the US takes its kids gloves off they can easily destroy Iran from the air in less than 24 hours.
Sixty nuclear submarines with ballistic and cruse missiles arm with conventional and nuclear warheads.
Sixteen nuclear powered air craft carriers each carrying ninety aircraft armed with conventional and nuclear bombs.
B52 B1 and stealth bombers armed with nuclear and conventional bombs.
F18s F15s and F22 raptors able to strike at will if and when required by the politicians.
Satellite in orbit that can see every movement on the ground.

Lets face it guys if it was easy to defeat the US then the old Soviet Union wouldn't have collapsed.Because they knew the game was up and their economy couldn't cope.And as sure as hell they were much more powerful and advanced compared to Islamic republic of Iran with their old 1970s technology and mullah managed armed forces.

Sorry mat,looks like it could be the 34th year after all that the theocracy will get its ass whooped either by the Iranian people or by an outside force.

Anonymous said...

....and it will take the US three weeks to blow it to shards.

And then what?

and then the Iranian people will be outraged and rally around the theocracy.....

but the Iranian economy will be devastated and it'll be a decade before Iran gets back to present levels.........


the nonconventional warfare that iran would wage simply doesn't work all that well when the source of the warfare has territory to defend. iran gets away with it's sponsored terror bombings because it employs Arab proxies to do the bombing and the dying....and hides behind them.

that won't work in this this case because nothing will stop the Us from answering every guerilla bombing very directly.

Is Khamenei and his Guardian Council gonna go live in a cave ...or a safe house in Abbotatbad?

A war between the US and Iran would be an awful ugly mistake for the US and an absolute diaster for Iran.

mat said...

Welcome to the world's 'Hollywood Fantasies'.

Anonymous said...

No mat,you're the one who is the fantasist.

Kamran said...

Do you know how the sister ships of Bayandor (Kahnamoie & Millanian) were lost in the imposed war with Iraq?

Thank you for your answer.

Kamran said...

As I understand: Milanian was sunk in Bushehr on September 24, 1980 by a 500lb bomb from a MiG-23 Flogger, Kahnamoie was sunk at sea two years later to the day by an air launched Exocet.