Sunday, May 20, 2012

Time to Strike a Deal on Iran Nuclear Program - ORG

Oxford Research Group (ORG), a UK think tank focusing on sustainable approaches to global security, today released a timely report on how the impasse over Iran’s nuclear program could be broken and a deal in the nuclear talks could be reached during the visit today to Tehran of IAEA director and at Baghdad Talks on Wednesday. (Please read the report by clicking here.)

ORG argues that the mood surrounding talks on Iranian program has shifted, becoming more amendable to compromise and a deal can be struck today in Tehran and on Wednesday in Baghdad. The understanding on both sides to the principle of reciprocity is reached and there are concrete steps to end the decade-old conflict that can be taken in Tehran and in Baghdad. 


Mark Pyruz said...

Am encouraged by the "Nixon to China" moment referenced in this piece. There weren't many Iranian-Americans back in 1972. Take it from me, a lot of good can come from moments such as Nixon's back then. And this is coming from a nephew of an USA uncle that stood off the Chinese in Korea, and the cousin of a Marine that fought the Chinese ally NLF and NVA in Vietnam.

Steve said...

As always, the U.S. will deliberately torpedo every deal or peaceful solution regarding Iran.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the West is honest. Show me one instance where they were honest with Iran.

Be careful Iran, get your money first and then count it 5 times and then deliver.

Dariush London