Sunday, May 20, 2012

Russia: West Still Considering Military Action Against Iran

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters on a plane on his way back from the G8 Summit in Camp David that the West was still considering military action against Iran over its nuclear program.

"It is one of many various signals coming from various sources that the military option is considered as realistic and possible," Ryabkov said. "We are receiving signals, both through public and intelligence channels, that this option is now being reviewed in some capitals as more applicable in this situation… We are very worried about this. We do not want the region and the world to fall into new divisions and bitter political arguments," he added [Reuters, 20 May].

Ryabbkov also said Russia had drafted a set of proposals, without going into details, for the Baghdad talks taking place on Wednesday between Iran and the six major powers. He said Iran needs to restore international confidence on the peaceful nature of its nuclear program and must be presented with incentives on cooperation as well.

"Practical results are needed that can be shown to the international community as evidence that we are moving forward," Ryabkov said.

Source: Reuters, 20 May 2012


mat said...

Iran should stick firmly to the term 'Courageous for being true, fearful for being wrong'. Let those Zionist's blood thirsty warmongers of the U.S., Israel, Allies and middle eastern puppet leaders try and get the real tastes of Iran's military hardwares, strengths and capabilities.

Anonymous said...

This headline is precisely the reason why I am still scared, and now as 'worried' as the Russians.

This matter would have been easily diffused if it were not for Iran's lack of diplomatic savvy. You see, when a dog barks and growls, it does so to test the resolve of its opponent. It is the opponent's reaction that determines whether the dog will charge or strut to smell your ass. The problem here is that the Iranians are using the rope-a-dope defense when they should be showing their fangs. The rope-a-dope will lead to WW3 and a fang-display will scare the dogs to silence. The sad thing is that the stupid Iranians have a lot of fangs to display but for some idiotic reasons it acts as if it wants to be attacked! I don't know if I am misreading these signals (back channel negotiations), which uses the media to choreograph an amicable resolution, or whether an unintended disaster is about to unfold.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Iran's military capabilities and posture, know this, as of April 2011 the Iranians acquired thermobaric bombs (which are capable of “wiping out” Tel Aviv) and the means to deliver it. So, even if you don't believe that they possess a nuclear arsenal, the retaliatory capabilities of a fuel-air weapon on Gulf allies of the West can halt the production of oil for the foreseeable future. The point is that Iran is not Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Serbia, Vietnam, etc.

Due to Iran's indecisive ineptitude, lately, it has been the Russians who have been sending not too subtle military displays to deter US from attacking. The WW3 question is, has Israel been too embolden for them to allow for a negotiated solution? It is the answer to this question that should never have been left up to an insignificant country of six million European Jews (this is a failure by all concerned). That's where WE are – at the mercy of a Netanyahu. One man literally holds the fate of 7 billion people in his hand.