Friday, May 18, 2012

France and U.S. Share Views on Iran - Hollande

The newly elected French President Francois Hollande said today in Washington after talks with President Barack Obama that France and the US share views on Iranian nuclear program and that there was an agreement for ‘required firmness’ that Iran doesn’t get the nuclear military capacity [McClatchy, 18 May].

ITAR-TASS News Agency reported that the French President said he and Obama see ‘eye to eye’ on Iran.

"We see eye to eye on the Iranian issue. We might be able to start negotiations with Iran. However, for that there must be the certainty Teheran has no capability to make nuclear weapons," President Hollande said [ITAR-TASS, 18 May].

Later in the day, President Hollande met with British Prime Minister David Cameron at British Embassy in Washington and the two leaders stressed their agreement on a range of issues including Iran [ITV News, 18 May].

Hollande and Cameron were in Washington ahead of the G-8 Summit at Camp David this weekend.

Photo: Presidents Obama and Hollande at the White House. 18 May 2012. Abaca Press/MCT

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Anonymous said...

Typical western leader, he was elected to get France working again not for Israel. The margin of victory of the President the % of the Muslim vote.