Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baghdad Talks End in Failure

No Agreements Between Iran and Major Powers

Another Round of Talks Next Month in Moscow

The Baghdad Talks came to an end without producing any agreements between Iran and six global powers. EU foreign policy chief and P5+1 chief negotiator Catherine Ashton just held a press conference announcing that the two sides have agreed to hold another round of talks in Moscow on 18-19 June.

Iranian negotiators had earlier rejected proposals by P5+1 on the future of their nuclear program as unbalanced and offered their own counter-proposals that focused on lifting the UN, US and EU sanctions.

Baghdad was the sixth meeting between the two sides in the past five years (three in Geneva, two in Istanbul and one in Baghdad), with all ending in failure. The decade-old standoff seems to have survived yet another round of talks!


Anonymous said...

what is so odd about the situation is that both sides seem to come totally unprepared to the negotiation table - after months of conflicts they should have clearly understood what the other side think, want and how it will react to this or that distinction; instead they seem to be unprepared and even uninterested; i think Iran should have done more; Iran could offer to suspend 20 % enrichment voluntary

Mark Pyruz said...

I wouldn't necessarily qualify it as a failure. A result was reached, and that is that another round of discussions will be held in Moscow.

The Iranians have offered proposals and counter-proposals.

But they are not going to accept, in effect, having the NPT being forcibly repealed from Iran. The nuclear fuel cycle and uranium enrichment is a right under the terms of the NPT.

On to Moscow, with our fingers crossed again for an agreement.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:13

Possibly the following:

1. Both sides already have staked their positions and conveniently, both want more time... for different reasons.

2. Also, both know that NPT has not be "proven" to be violated for consideration by outside world.

3. Netanyahu is cornered unless He breaks with previous stand down order.
If He continues to stand down... Tehran continues to advance- and (everyone) knows this.

4. Ironic, as both sides pursue dialogue, Netanyahu is progressively encouraged to light the match.

(psyop, interestingly this may be the plan...)

Unknown said...

Does چوپان دروغگو ring a bell.
After posturing and not living up to their pomisses, the iranian regime is now trying to oretend that nothing had happened and we can just go to he status que ante.
This is not how adults operate. There are consequences for the iranaian intransigence has consequences and the west will never lift sanctions based on promises. Deads not words, is the western moto when it comes to dealing with the Iranian regime.
Ultimately the west has nothing to lose by waiting and Iran is losing economically with every passing second.

Anonymous said...


Respectfully, your thoughts echo the conventional wisdom..., I continue to judge the game as advantage Tehran-
You said:
""Ultimately the west has nothing to lose by waiting and Iran is losing economically with every passing second."" - the Iranian people are hurting and progressively they believe it is due to the sanctions i.e. "the west" and they ask, what have we done to deserve this? This plays to the regime's favor on several levels...; and it also conditions the public to learn to survive with less, making them stronger- while this is all very inhumane, the west must prove up its assertions or Tehran will continue to effectively give them the run around. The other option is to extend and pretend, talking until Israel cracks and launches.

Anonymous said...

Jabber Fazeli MD

Please,this is not an Iranian regime but an Islamic theocracy.
There is nothing Iranian about this terrorist regime.

One more thing,I easily predicted this would happen because I know what a terrorist and dirty lying theocracy Iran is occupied under.

Anonymous said...

Well, expecting Iran to hand over its Technologies and names of scientists for Plane spare parts is far too idiotic.

The Wests needs time to talk and hold permissions from AIPAC before moving forwards...Time is on Irans side.

"Azari by Fortune, Iranian by Grace of God"

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

Attention Anon:May 24, 2012 9:31 PM
your words are redundant and tiresome. By now, all of the frequent posters on this Blogg,should be impressed by the Iranian regimes, masterful and skillful methods of negotiation and diplomacy. Whether you are a enemy or a sympathizer of Iran. A few days ago, the great zionist wizard himself, BiBi, even had to aknowledge,the skill level of the Iranians. On may 22nd Bi Bi himself said," The Iranian Regime are masters at playing chess". This should give all who are commited on either side friend or foe. Some Indication that the Iranian regime has learned how to play major league Baseball. Furthermore, like it or not. The Iranian Regime, has become a force to be reckoned with and a regional power of the middle east almost over night. Lets face it, Europe and asian powers are suferring economically, Brittish insurance carriers,are losing billions daily, because of western sanctions against Iran. The japanese are so frustrated that theyre actually considering to underwrite and insure theyre own oil tankers,while seeking exemptions from the sanctions, along with Spain, Italy, India, and others. Mean while, Russia and China have a ringside seat,observing the western powers every move. The Iranians have under theyre possesion, influence, and control, the largest oil deposits in the world, because they have aquired and annexed, the oil deposits of their Iraqi brethren. They therefore are enduring their sufferage,and making power deals with the Indians and the chinese and others. For the first time in the Industrial age, White Western Suprememacy and Imperialism is suffering, bankrupt,and in its last throws. It is Therefore desperate, and out of options, with the exception of one. WAR! This means World War, to all who are concerned.It should be mentioned for the record that these hearings aren't about (Weaponized Nuclear Enrichment).

After the p-5+1 hearings adjourned this afternoon, the Ruskies and the Chinese subsequently held a meeting with the Iranians. They smell blood and know that the Iranians have weakened the Western powers economically and that they have them literally over an Oil barrel! Lol Lol!!
If I were an advisor to Barry Sotero, oops, I mean President Barack Obama. My advise to him would be to sign a peace deal immediately with the Iranians. Before matters worsen and Matriculate into war! I would advise him to tell BiBi to shut the hell up! with the war threats and if israel attacks Iran, Isreal does so at it's own peril and will ot recieve any help from the U.S. America and Europe must make peace and avoid War at all cost.

Anonymous said...

only idiot may give up his knowldege of enrich uranium just for the sack of Boeing's parts. so far iran air are still flying even faced embargo for more than 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:05 AM

Talk about tiresome!
I read two lines of your tirade and came to the conclusion you know nothing of Iran and its barbaric filthy regime.
I recommend you to be a fiction writer about anything else except Iran.
So next time don't write such fictional dross which you know nothing of.

And last but not least,the regime doesn't equal Iran.
So you expect Germans who opposed Hitler are anti German and don't love their country?
You are one mixed up individual who thinks regimes equal countries.
Well they don't!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5;05 AM.....The regime has certainly mastered the art of lying,stealing,imprisoning,torturing,rapping and murdering.
Those are the things they are truly "masterful and skillful" at.

Anonymous said...

Anon bad mouth 1:20 etc.

why don't you just open a blog of your own and curse and bite and scream your frustration in there.
You truely get on peoples nerves with your insults and etc.

Anonymous said...

The world will wait and the sanctions will bite ever deeper into the Iranian economy...and the regime will decide to try to convince the Iranian people that the world's refusal to trade with iran is unjust. The regime will continue the weapons development program and the Iranian people will suffer because the world doesn't wish to deal with a nuclear weapon-ready Iran run by this group of extremists.

Nothing good will come of this unless the iranian people take matters into their own hands,

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:50 PM

This is a blog for free speech.If you don't like what other people say or just praising the Islamic tyranny then you are in the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:31

"Nothing good will come of this unless the iranian people take matters into their own hands"

See Syria for look at govt crackdown... also recently the clerics in Tehran advanced their position.

I've been following this since 2002 when (CIA?) the students leaked story to press re Natanz.

This is different... for decades Israel was relatively safe as Arabs were throwing rocks and marginal SAMs... not so any more. Fatah 110s and M600s are slowly amassing.

If this continues, the West will end up locking horns with Russia. Syria now, Iran next.

Saudi royals must be sleepless in fear.

Anonymous said...

====Syria now, Iran next.

Saudi royals must be sleepless in fear.=====

good reiddence to all three regimes.....and if Israel can not find a way to end the occupation once these ones are gone, maybe their regime will have to also go

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:14 AM......Syria is swirling in its own excrement and Iran's economy is bankrupt and you say Rozeh khoons can defeat American military and industrial complex.....:)

Anonymous said...

Murders are taking place at the hands of Israeli helped and certain Arab funded norther African terror groups in Syria
All blamed on the Syrians to cause athmospfere and diver attention from the settler politics of Israel and an attempted regime change in syria by US and UK