Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Look At 'Gulf Union'

The Power of Unity 

The leaders of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf yesterday failed in their first attempt to form an EU-type ‘Gulf Union’ (GU) and decided to postpone the decision to a later date. If the GU would ever become a reality, it would become a major global entity. Following are the numbers for a six-member Gulf Union:

The Six-Member GU: Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.
  • Population: 43.2 million
  • GDP: $1.385 trillion
  • Foreign Reserves: $1.442 trillion
  • Oil Production: 16.3 million bpd
  • Oil Exports: 12.8 million bpd
  • Military Manpower: 362,000
  • Military Budget (2012 estimate): $65 billion

Unlike the EU, the GU members would share common language, culture, religion and similar history. 

 Source: Amena Bakr/Reuters


Anonymous said...

they will safeguard imperialist(USA) and zionist(jews) interest from being over run by the Arab spring n iranian influence

Nader Uskowi said...

Can you guys offer any analyses aside from the pre-written slogans against the US and Israel? Can a GCC union be realized, or are the divisions so much that would not allow it at least for now they couldn't pull it off yesterday)? Do you agree with me that a future GU would be a major global entity, just by looking at the numbers quoted in this post?

Those of us who have traveled widely in the region have indeed witnessed unprecedented development everywhere in the region, and the numbers quoted here were not surprising to me. Appreciate you take on these issues.

Anonymous said...

The trick is culture.

They never get along, they have always back stabbed each other and they don't trust each other, now a common enemy wont last long..

And no they have not a similar religon.

Wahabism is different to traditional sunnism and let alone the 35% Saudi Shias who are considered as non Muslims by the other 65% in KSA.

Half Shias in Kuwait and 90% in Bahrain !!

Lets say their Royal families/interests and fears drives them to do as if.

Look at Europe, we have more problems here than advantages, with the southern European laziness and opportunism, the Euro is crumbling.

No I don't think so, I bet on the Saudi disintegration within 5 years and a new dimension in the ME

Dariush London

mat said...

The six members of the Union Gulf's population of 43.2 million and military manpower of 362,000 personnel compared to the mighty Islamic Republic of Iran's population of 75 million and military manpower of 820,000 personnel(2011 statistic) definitely, give an indication of a far much stronger, greater, larger and more powerful sovereign nation of Iran.

Beside, Iran's overall military budget(2010) is said to be the lowest among the GU's six nations and perhaps in the world. Almost all of Iran's military equipment are indigenous. As a conclusion of that, even with the whole militaries combination of the GU's, the U.S.(bases), the Zionist Regime of Israel and the Allies in the region of the Middle East are still no match to Iran's

Iran is a regional superpower and the most powerful nation, militarily, in the whole region of the Middle East. Iran had really prove that if its military is not that powerful enough, the whole nation of Iran would at once had already been attacked, invaded and taken out. I guess.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi,have you heard of these specimens called Basijbots?
Well,they're the ones you tried to reason with a moment ago like "Dariush"and "mat".They are a hopeless cause.

Anonymous said...

The tendency that some of us see in insisting Iran to be powerful is not necessary.

Iran is Powerful because it produces what it needs and its people tend to rally around the flag in times of war. (except a handful that always seem to exist i.e. MKO)

Today the secret is not losing a conflict... absolutely no need for victory. Look at the US, ever since WW2 not won a single war.. a draw in Korea and as of then ????

The Southern Persian gulf tribes can call and gather and wrestle and gang-bang as much as they want, they simply don't have that special "thing" for it.

Bless Iran and all its people (i mean everyone) except the sell out MKO.

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

Iran needs to worry about its own internal problems first, improve the economy, grow the scientific R&D, modernize the military, improve the political system, strengthen the independent judicial system, focus on higher education... will result a much stronger nation. This in turn will make certain Iran can compete with any union in the region, and strengthens Iran's diplomatic approaches in future.

Anonymous said...

"Look at Europe,we have blah blah blah....."

Wahabism,Shiite or Sunni religion or what ever.They're two sides of the same coin.Religion should and in the near future will stay out of politics in Iran.
Religion or no religion is a personal belief not a large stick that should be used to oppress and govern people with as is in today's Iran.
I don't know or care what background you're from but you must learn that the greater majority of Iranian people are sick and tired of the Islamic theocracy in any shape form and color despite some of the peoples religious beliefs.
The future in Iran is secularism away from Islamism and its fanatical fascistic beliefs.You believe and live that nonsense if you want too but don't impose your governments fascistic religious doctrine on the ordinary people.
And another thing,if you think Europe has more problems than advantages then why stay here? Go back to the heaven that is the Islamic theocracy with all its advantages for mullah lovers such as yourself.

Nader Uskowi said...

Iran should not accept as fact and act accordingly as though the Gulf Union, if it ever is established, or the GCC member countries are sworn-in enemies. That would become a self-fulfilled prophecy, and unfortunately Iran’s current foreign policy suffers from it. The art of diplomacy here is not to belittle the GCC countries, looking at them solely in the context of Iran-West conflict, and not seeing that these countries are rapidly developing, and a GU with a GDP of $1.385 trillion and foreign reserves of $1.442 trillion is potentially a much stronger entity economically than the EU.

Iran should accept these facts and depresses the Arabophobia mentality and start working with thein on bilateral context, and with a future GU as a potential partner, above and beyond its current policies toward the US and Israel.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi, I'm sorry that you've not drawn any more interesting comments. but i would think that it should not be dismissed from consideration that this proposed union is spurred by little other than as a united front against Iranian expansionist aspirations.

There will be obstacles to unity, but there is a pretty powerful impulse against iran running through the area, one that moved the Jordanians to sign on with the GCC

Nader Uskowi said...

@ 11:47 PM,

That’s absolutely correct. The formation of a stronger anti-Iran front is a big motivation for the GCC countries to unite at this time. I agree. But other countries’ immediate motivations should be only one factor in formation of the country’s foreign policy. Aside from that factor, indeed in spite of it, one needs to look at the long-term implication of the birth of a GU: should Iran ignore the new entity and its potentials and base its policy solely on its anti-Israel stand, or should it start accepting the realities and work toward improving relations with the neighboring countries; needless to say, I advocate for the latter.

Anonymous said...

Azari by fortune and Iranian by Grace of God.

I detest Pan-turkists a la 2:06 PM

Bless Iran and all who are proud to be Iranians.
(Shipishe Mollaha sharaf dare be amsale to, pan turkist)

Arshama said...

Thanks a lot for these useful facts. I agree with you that it's high time for Iran to improve its relations (not only) with the neighbouring countries but fear that the IR is unable to do so. It would be the end of Khamenei and his mullah/IRGC mafias.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:22 AM

I have read Anon 2:06 PM.Where does it mention about Pan Turkistizm ?

If you detest so much it could be detriment to your health.

You also must not bite the hands of your paymasters.

Mirnes said...

What is the goal of Islam as a whole? It is to reighn over the enire world... We are to be all brothers and united against the evel. Why all these divisions... Sunni , Shia, Wahhabi... Please remember that all the arabs and persians together barly make up 30% off all the muslim people in the world... Soon you people will loose the credibility and lead of the islamic world. I am a brother from bosnia and we no longer look to the middle east to lead the muslim world... We look to new places like russia and france to be the leaders... One day when we are the majority there the prophecy of Muhamed will fulfill itself. "The Sun will Shine from the West" Meaning the Sun of Islam... It will come to the east with the discipline you guys just dont have for the bigger picture... Allah gave you all the answers you people don't have to learn another language to understand it...
Allah will replace us all with a better generation if we di not follow... I am sure you guys understand the text...

Anonymous said...

To Mirnes.

Islam as we know it in Iran is dead and soon to be buried.
And the reason is it got involved in politics and dirtied its hands in the blood of the very nation that it claims to represent.
If you seek unity for Muslims then look elsewhere but not Iran.

All the best.