Friday, December 10, 2010

Yet another poll mirrors official 2009 Iran presidential election results

A recent poll taken by the International Peace Institute with Charney Research shows results consistent with three previous polls by other organizations, mirroring closely the official results of Iran's 2009 presidential election. In addition, by a solid majority Iranians support Islamic Republic governance as well as support Iranian law enforcement efforts during the post-2009 election demonstrations. Iran's nuclear program also enjoys majority support, including an aversion to dealing aspects of it away. Link to the complete poll and methodology available here.

Iran Public Opinion 2010 -


Anonymous said...

Same old, same old. How about some real new content!

Anonymous said...

Iranians are 90% pro their system 10% could not care less or are beyond norm anti it.

2 out of 3 are for the Ahmadinejad Govt. 1 out of 3 are for the Moussavi alliance.

almost everything about Iran has been misunderstood, due to the Israeli manipulation of the Mass media in the west.

Result is the war is a chaos(whic is what Israel wants) and in this chaos they do their fishing and promot their own agenda... whatever the s h i t that might

Stand next to Iran and you shall be blessed, be against Iran and you are doomed to fail in life and Bed ;)


Gifted one said...

Kudos to this blog for always following the facts, where ever they may lead.

Anonymous said...

Most independent polls post the 2009 elections came to a similar conclusion. The Islamic Republic has massive public support base which is increasing as the government has delivered stability, security, enhanced global prestige and relative prosperity. There is no viable alternative anyway. Just one cursory look at the region will confirm that. The US self-destructive wars in Iraq and Af-Pak and regional destabilization have only strengthened the viability of the Islamic Republic and the Iranian hybrid demoocratic model.

Anonymous said...

This only confirms that the average Iranian agrees with
Ahmadinejad's evil ways!

The west should feel good knowing they are attacking evil!

Anonymous said...

@December 10, 2010 2:16 PM

Actually the "west" is in no position to "attack" Iran since it is bankrupt and feeding its pensioners dog-food and its students can't even afford to pay tuition or get a job. It may help to get out more often and smell the coffee. Iran is a large,ancient, unified and prosperous nation at the faultlines of global geo-strategic and economic power-shift to Asia.

I may be useful to read some Iranian history as well as some analysis on US economic decline before posting juvenile warmongering rants. As the US defeats in Iraq and Af-Pak have shown, harsh real-politik reality is far different than a video game.

Anonymous said...

Obama upon hearing this poll

Pablo said...

Nader, do you think that the Obama administration knew this and thus backed off of calls to play a more intrusive role in the chaos that followed the 2009 elections? Often times you hear analysts say that the Iran regime is teetering and that the young populations will eventually throw off the regime. Does these polls mean that such thinking is largely off-based?

Pablo said...

I am sorry. Mark, you wrote this post and my previous comment should have been directed towards you, although I am curious to hear the comments from anyone.

Anonymous said...

@ Pablo

Iran is a very complex society with "Persian Mirrors" and very hard for foreigners or even Iranian expats to read. The fact is that since the 1979 revolution, the demographics,domestic and regional dynamics have completely shifted to the Islamic Republic's advntage. The myopic view of foreign based "experts" and exiled community are mostly wishful thinking or delusional at best. The Islamic Republic has built up a very solid support base by playing on historical Persian xenophobia, suspicion of foreign powers (Dr. Mossadegh's overthrow by CIA/Ajax) did not endear US or UK to the nationalistic and proud Iranian population who rightly consider themselves to be the heirs of a great civilization dating back 6000 years, perhaps only the Chinese can match Iran in civilization depth and sophistication.

The current leadership of the second generation revolutionaries led by the Abadgaran faction of Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reflects the aspirations of the majority of Iranian youth and working classes born since the revolution. The stirling credentials of the new leadership were further strengthened by their defence of the nation during the US imposed Saddam's war on Iran. The current leadership are veterans of this great slug-fest and not shrinking violets as they received their baptism of fire in the trenches and did not run-away like the "shahs" generals or the pretencious North Tehranis who opted out of military service by bribes or exile.

The Islamic Republic has expanded is massive populist base by inclusive policies that play to the Iranian psyche, the Basij, Sepah and the interweaved layers of Bonyads (veterans foundations) and social services just consolidates the regimes immense and well armed power base. Even by objective standards, the Basij and Sepah now number into millions, are well indoctrinated in revolutionary Islamic politics and not about to fade away by sheer misplaced "western" wishful thinking and inept analysis of Iranian politics and power plays by not so intelligent western "intelligence" stuck in the 1970's time warp and oblivious of Iranian ground realties.

The US would be well advised to treat Iran with respect as a sunrise power if it does not want to be totally run out of the region and end up in ruins. Iran's technological, educational, economic, military, industrial and geo-strategic influence in the region is unmatched by any other. The trump card for Iran is its massive energy reserves, prime location and a gigantic educated population. Compare Iran to its pathetic neighbours and you will get a clear idea why Iran will be a major global power regardless of the nuclear issue or US fantasies. It is not a coincidence that the Zionists quit barking once the Obama administration realized the gravity of tangling with Iranian power.

Pablo said...


Thanks for your insights. You are probably right that Western analysts still don't understand Iran completely. My worldview of Iran was crushed a couple of years ago when an Iranian girl told me that her favorite show in Iran was Desperate Housewives and that that show is very popular there. Since that time, I have realized that my perception of Iran is more than likely not correct. So again, thanks for you response.

Nader Uskowi said...


Polls like this are so important for us. We need to look at the facts as they stand and make policy based on them. This poll confirms popular support for the nuclear program and opposition to the sanctions.

The Islamic Republic had done a magnificent job in rallying the public to support its nuclear and anti-West policies, transforming them into ‘value’ issues, laden with emotion and national pride. And in the process increasing its own popularity.

This poll also shows that the public is very much concerned about the country’s economy and by extension concerned about their own and their family’s well being. The poll shows 85% of the public describing their financial situation as poor (51%) or fair (34%). Only 15% are content (2% excellent, 13% good). And nearly 80% of the public is saying their economic situation has either worsened or remained same compared with four years ago, i.e. under Ahmadinejad’s administration.

These are very alarming statistics for the current government. ‘Value’ issues, such as uranium enrichment, can and do rally the public behind the government, but at the end of the day the governments rise and fall on economic issues and the public perception of its living standards.

Pablo said...

Interesting. So, Nader, do you think that those who wish to support the Green movement and crush the current administration with sanctions are actually carrying out the opposite effect with those sanctions? That is, the people are against them and it gives the current administration an excuse for the weak economy.

Anonymous said...

anon December 10, 2010 4:55 PM

that was very funny looool

Nader Uskowi said...


Supporting sanctions runs against the popular sentiment and has never been a wise move politically for the Iranian opposition. Proponents argue that targeted sanctions, for instance against IRGC, will not be opposed by the people. But the problem is they are very difficult if not impossible to achieve and those sanctions invariably affect the general public.

The foreign powers however operate according to different priorities which are not same as those of the Iranian opposition. So for example a policy that might make sense for the US government, might not be supportable by the Iranian-American community.