Sunday, December 26, 2010

Latifi’s Execution Halted in Kurdistan

The Iranian authorities backing off planned execution of a young Kurdish student activist in the city of Sanandaj in Iranian Kurdistan, announced the indefinite postponement of execution of Habibollah Latifi hours before the sentence was to be carried out.

Latifi, 28 years old, was arrested nearly five years ago on charges of implanting sonic bombs during student protests. Latifi and his lawyers vehemently denied the charges. A massive protest movement to save Latifi’s life began inside Kurdistan, supported by human rights organizations across the world. A large group of protesters gathered last night in front of the prison. In the early hours of Sunday, the prison director met with the protesters announcing the indefinite postponement of Latifi’s execution. It was not immediately clear if Latifi’s lawyers will be given a chance to repeal the sentence now.


Anonymous said...

Sanandaj is an Iranian city situated in the county of Kordestan.

Latifi is an Iranian young man that has been active in whatever....

Now those arseholes making a Kordish, Rashti Ghazwini issue out of it should actually be hanged.

Darish London

Anonymous said...

I am Persian, and this young student is another victim than the iranian regime uses for there political reason. This is mybee not a becouse this young man is of kurdish nationality that the want too kill him, but the reason that he is a minority dosent make is easier for him to defend himself in Iran.

Iranian gouverment should stop killing iranian people becouse they want a better country. Listen too them, they love their country, specialy those with a loud scream.

Anonymous said...
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Nader Uskowi said...

Blog administrators remove all posts containing personal attacks on other commentators. This platform is reserved for serious discussion of the issues facing Iran.

Anonymous said...

NO such thing as Persian (except a county). Either one is Iranian or one is aniranian (non Iranian)

Anonymous said...

Anti Iran BBC keeps pushing for a Kurdish/Rashti/LOri/Ghazvini/Tehrani agenda.

They(Brits) with their island mentality with 2 streets and 2 pubs, consider everything bigger than Wales a continent which has to be torn apart.

Be aware Iranians, when anything from Iran suddenly becomes a dialect issue or a religous issue, its the British MI6 behind it.

Divide and rule, thats what they are after.

Dariush London Isle of Britain