Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nuclear Talks to Move to Istanbul

The talks between Iran and the major powers ended in Geneva today and were rescheduled to resume in January in Istanbul. Both sides said the talks were positive. The host, EU’s Catherine Ashton, characterized the discussions as “detailed, substantive.”

Critics of the talks maintain that they are only producing cover for Iran to develop its nuclear weapons program. The proponents argue that Iran needs the cover of these talks to strike a deal with the West, namely transferring its inventory of enriched uranium abroad for lifting of economic sanctions against the country.


Anonymous said...

You've provided select Western perspectives of proponents and critics, but what about the perspectives of Iran's critics and proponents?

Critics in Iran say negotiations are a waste of time as the nuclear dispute is simply a pretext, with the goal posts always being shifted.

While Iran's proponents insist that they have a right to nuclear technology and that by steadfastly maintaining the moral high ground, through legalist interpretation, justice will prevail and an agreement will be reached.

Anonymous said...

What a fine man Jalili is, he handled yesterday press conference very well indeed. Iran needs more communicators like him to push it's case forward.