Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Iran Concerned Over Report of Gen. Asgari’s Death

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has voiced concern over reports that former senior Iranian official Gen. Ali Reza Asgari may have committed suicide while under Israeli detention.

"The Israeli regime's abduction of Asgari with the help of the United States and the Israeli regime's recent claims is a clear and potent example of state terrorism," said Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad Reza Raouf Sheibani [IRNA, 28 December].

Asgari was an IRGC general officer, Iran’s deputy defense minister and a member of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council at the time of his disappearance in 2007. He was reportedly overseeing a military’s clandestine nuclear research program.

In December 2009, the Iranian Foreign Ministry had identified Gen. Asgari as one of the ten Iranian detainees held by US forces in Iraq. The claim was contrary to reports that Asgari had defected to the US and was being safeguarded in the country. It was not immediately clear how and why the Israelis had taken custody of Asgari.

Gen. Asgari was also a subject of controversy. In December 2007, ten months after his disappearance, the US intelligence community issued a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) finding in which it dramatically reversed a previous NIE finding, now stating that Iran has halted its nuclear weapon program in 2003. Asgari was believed to be at least one of the sources, if not the sole source, behind the new NIE finding.

In September 2007, Kuwait’s Al Jerida reported that Asgari provided the intelligence for Israeli attack on a Syrian nuclear site.

Gen. Asgari and his wife vanished in Istanbul on 7 February 2007, while on a personal visit to the city.


Anonymous said...

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i said...

"was not immediately clear how and why the Israelis had taken custody of Asgari."

Is there a concrete proof that the Israelis actualy have him and not the Americans?

Anonymous said...

His wife is in Iran and did not vanish.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:32

Israel is the Blackhole of the ME
Israel is the Terrorist of the region
Israel is where they harvest organs,invent torture methods and practice 21 century genocide.

take custody ? u kiddin me dude ?


Anonymous said...

Ali is enjoying his new life in California very much! Believe it or not, his new girl friend is from Israel.....go figure?

I guess $$$$ talks!

It is also rumored that he is leaning much working for the US DOE.


Anonymous said...

Israel and the west have a habit of inventing stories to boost the prowess and tough reputation of this bankrupt entity.

My take is that Asgari defected, and he defected to the US, not Israel. This story was most likely planted to dissuade Iran from trying to locate Asgari if he's still alive, and to boost Israel.

What a powerful state that it can reach out, arrest and execute high Iranian officials.

This super-power that needs funding from the US/EU/ and private companies/citizens around the world just to stay afloat. This military juggernaut that ran out of missiles for it's Jet planes in 2 weeks in the 2006 Israel/Lebanon war.

Notice recently the 'leak' of a british intelligence document confirming Israel's possession of Nukes. Israel is nothing but a US/NATO military outpost. It's military is controlled remotely by the US told when to stop start and flare up. The idea that they are a global military power or that the US is begging them not to attack Iran is laughable.

- Zaki

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