Sunday, December 5, 2010

Iran Produces Yellowcake - AEOI

The Director of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi announced today in Tehran that Iran has produced the first batch of its own “yellowcake,” the raw material for uranium enrichment. The country previously had to import yellowcake from abroad. Salehi added that with today’s announcement, Iran is now “self-sufficient” in the entire nuclear fuel cycle [IRNA, 5 December].

"Iran has become self-sufficient in the entire fuel cycle, starting from (uranium) exploration, mining and then turning it into yellowcake and converting it to UF6 and then turning it into fuel plates or pellets," Salehi said.

Salehi made the announcement on the eve of talks on Iran’s nuclear program with the world’s major powers scheduled for Monday.

This [the production of yellowcake] means Iran would go to the negotiations with strength and power," Salehi added. "No matter how much effort they put into their sanctions in creating all sorts of hindrance... our nuclear activities will proceed."


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Iranian nation!

Anonymous said...

No amount of propaganda, plos and plots can prevent a persevering and determined nation from fulfilling its own objectives. Remain on the path of resistance and honour, oh Iran.

Persicus Maximus said...

A relevant article from me on May 2008

hope you find it useful

Mark Pyruz said...

It is my understanding that Iranian ore contains purity issues.

But the fact that they are gaining experience from their own mining efforts, as well as signaling so on the eve of talks is significant.

Low expectations for any deal making going into talks, but one never knows. If I were ten years old I'd have my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Soon we can destroy many nations

We will rule over many people

Our glorious leader Mahmoud will lead us to everlasting victory

We are here for this purpose

Anonymous said...

Finally we can wipeout the Zionists!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we can blackmail the many nations promoting western propaganda and lies!

Anonymous said...

Iran is set to rule the world!

Anonymous said...

last four anons are one and the same frustrated arse of a "something" that keeps projecting his small penis comnplexes here.

Iran is not eye-srael to be wanting that, Iran has had its king of the world phase a few times and has no aspirations regarding that anymore.

But Israel ?? I am not sure about them ...


Anonymous said...

The "New Silk Road" starts from Iran to the Middle East and Eastern Europe, Central Asia. It is this “New Silk Road” that will make China the next global superpower. Iran should use it's chess bargaining strengths attain it's nuclear goal!

Anonymous said...

This is quite obvious as Iran is very rich in minerals. Khorasan and Sistan have had large uranium deposits which have only recently been mined. Iran is more than self-sufficient in uranium reserves and also has large enough quantities for export. This is great news as Iran has now a self-sustaining nuclear cycle and technology. Iran Payandebad.

Anonymous said...

Amadinejad leaves the world with no other option, the time is coming to take out Natanz and Bushehr.

Anonymous said...

Intel knew this years ago and it's not news. This is what happens when someone like Amadinejad needs a headline before going into talks.

Anonymous said...


December 6, 2010 3:33 AM

>last four anons are one and the same frustrated arse of a "something" that keeps projecting his small penis comnplexes here.<

Now you know what the rest of the world hears when Ahmadinejad speaks!

The Iranian people desevre so much better than Ahmadinejad & the Ayatollahs, bless the people of Iran for they will surely pay the price for their leaders.

I pray that my children never see war, but if they want to fight those like Ahmadinejad......than they have my blessing!

Good day to you sir,


Anonymous said...

Hi Hematollah e Ordoni.(last jordanian)

Keep your long nose out of Irans business and thou shallt be blessed.

Screw Ahmadinejad and screw Hosseine Ordoni (your ex king) and your new dwarf of a king.

I doubt you to be from Jordan, since if you were, you would be ashamed to call yourself one after having been serial fu... by the Israelis, and having lost half your country to those colonists.

Go get a life dude.

God bless Iran and all Iranians across the Globe except the MKO


Anonymous said...

No sane person wants war and I pray that there will be a peaceful solution to the path Amadinejad is taking to create war and instability in the middle east and the rest of the world.

Stuxnet is one example of how the world is trying to deal with Amadinejad and the bomb without putting the Iranian people in harms way.

11:08 You are dead on and the God of the universe stands behind efforts of all, regardless of race, color or creed who battle evil for good. Amadinejad will be defeated in the end.

2:21 Because you put your faith in Iran and Iranians, you have already lost because you are delusional. It's obvious that the hatred most muslims have for Israel and the rest of the world comes from satan who has already been defeated and is the one who is guiding Amadinejad.

Anonymous said...

Lat anon,

please do not misunderstand...

Iranians like the Israelis more than the Arabs.

The Arabs are the most notorious backstabbing people there are.

Problem is..

Its only that the Israelis have started to misbehave and consider themselves better than (God forgive me for saying this) Iranians

That dude is bugging the Iranians, and Ahmadinejad is gone in 3 years but we shall still be there, what u gonna day then.. heee

Anonymous said...

Not me above