Monday, December 13, 2010

Salehi Named Acting Foreign Minister

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today changed his foreign minister, appointing Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), as the acting foreign minister.

The incumbent foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, was on official visit to Senegal, and in an unprecedented move was fired while visiting a foreign capital.


Anonymous said...

Finally somebody with hair on his teeth.

Anonymous said...

As with many other actions by Ahmadinejad this once again demonstrates his pure lack of regard for anybody's definition of decency. Fire your minister while on official travel? How low can you go? No courage to look him in the face and tell him to go? Despicable. Time is overdue for Parliament to impeach him.

Anonymous said...

If only Obama was capable of the same with Hilary. Alas, he isn't so capable.

Anonymous said...

It was apparently a message to "Sasa"
as in Godfather III.

He (Mottaki) must have been compromised for not reacting to UKs rude remarks over Iranian honor.

whatever the case, Mottakis head was long due to role.

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

وزیر امور خارجه یکی از سهمیه های رهبری در کابینه است و برکنارکردن اون یعی دعوای پشت پرده احمدي نژاد با خامنه‌ای.

احتمالا روی نفر جدید توافق کردند چون صالحی هم احتمالا رابطه اش با خامنه‌ای خوب است.

جالبه كه جناب احمدي نژاد صبر نكرد متكي برگرده به ايران و بعد حكم بركناريش رو صادر كنه. اين كار رو هم از قصد انجام داد كه متكي تو سنگال ضايع و سنگ رو يخ بشه. به اين ميگن اوج عقده اي بودن.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who follows Iranian politics, this move was a long time coming as Mottaki was laregely ineffectual and mostly sidelined in Foreign Policy decision making by Dr. Ahmadinejad and the more robust nuclear negotiator Dr. Salehi.

Dr. Salehi performed very effectively at the recent nuclear talks and was able to professionalize the issue, which is largely irrelevent to the world as Iran is well passed the nuclear "threshold". It also shows the toughening of Iranian diplomatic efforts and brimming national confidence. Salehi is very well respected in Iran and globally and has a strong support base in IRI institutions.

This move also shows that Mahmoud Ahmdinejad is very much in firm control of Iran and its domestic and foreign policies. This appointment will only increase Iranian influence in global diplomacy as its star rises.

Anonymous said...

خوشمزه داستان اینجاست که متکی داشته در سنگال به عنوان وزیر امور خارجه میچرخیده که یکدفعه میشنوه دیگه کاره ایی نیست.

جالب اینه که محمود تو حکمش به متکی، دکتر هم نگفته.

بدتر از اين نمي شد حيثيت يک نفر رو به لجن کشيد. این کار فقط از احمدی نزاد بر میاد ...

Anonymous said...

A few facts:
Dr. Salehi is fluent in Arabic and English. He was born in Karbala, Iraq and studied in Lebanon and MIT.

He was the point man back in 2003 for implementing the 2003 deal wit the EU stopping/delaying enrichment program

He is said to be liked over others by EU as he is known, speaks directly, and does not rant as much.

Anonymous said...

i believe mataki will be prepeare for next presidencial campain in next 2 years so.

Anonymous said...

Finally somebody with hair on his teeth.

December 13, 2010 11:10 AM


Huh? Has he been giving Ahmadinejad BJs again?

Ben Jon Heir

Anonymous said...

Just one more important FACT to remember is that Dr. Salehi is a MIT graduate and knows the US quite well, unlike Mottaki who was India educated. Dr.

Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, was named as Mottaki’s temporary replacement. Under the Iranian Constitution, the president has six months to present a new ministerial candidate to the Parliament, or Majlis, for approval. The appointment of Salehi, an MIT technocrat and well versed in US politics, shows the importance of Iran’s nuclear program in the country’s overall foreign policy. I am certain that Dr. Salehi will be more effective in coordinating Iran's nuclear technological needs with foreign policy. He is far smarter, younger and tech savvy and at home in western capitals. This shrewd move also shows Ahmadinejad's bold propensity to take immediate action sometimes without the Rahbar's approval.

Anonymous said...

At least somebody who actually knows the USA/ UK are not interrested to find a way to Iran.

Iran will now have to pretend like the west to be interested but follow up on its own agenda

Irans future is the East and not the West.

Anonymous said...

Not only Iran's but the whole world's future lies in the East. Asia will dominate the world with its revived ancient cultures which focus on more harmony, education and integration. The short-lived "west" has given nothing to humanity but violence, wars, greed, lies and corruption. The US is a deadbeat and in irreversible decline while the Europeans who fought two world wars killing over 100 million people last century are back to fragmentation and complete collapse on all fronts from demography to economics. With the exception of Germany, most of Europe is totally bankrupt and unmanageable and headed towards third world status.Just look at tiny UK and its plight.

The US was so shallow that it collpased in barely 65 years under the weigth of losing two senseless wars to the smallest and weakest of Muslim nations i.e Iraq and Afghanistan and inability to compete with Asians.China alone now produces over half of all manufactured goods and that domination is now set to expand in high tech sectors like aviation and space.

Iran's economic, foreign and strategic policy should focus totally on integration with its giant Asian neignbours with China being the top priority. The juvenile "western" efforts to "contain" China are only making it more assertive in both foreign and domestic policies. It is only a matter of time that China cuts the dying US fiscal umbilical cord and dumps the dollar completely and Yuan becomes the global currency. Most of Iran's trade with China is already in bi-lateral Yuan-Toman based exchanges.