Monday, December 27, 2010

Iran Lifts Ban on Afghan Fuel Tankers

Iran has lifted a ban on fuel tankers crossing into Afghanistan that has in the past three weeks prevented around 1,600 tankers from crossing the border. The visiting Afghan Vice-President Marshal Fahim made the announcement of lifting of the ban in a press conference in Tehran [IRNA, 27 December].

Tehran believed the tankers were supplying ISAF troops in Afghanistan. Kabul said the tankers were bringing fuel to meet the increased demand by ordinary Afghans during the winter months. Around 30 percent of Afghanistan's fuel is thought to come through transit routes from Iran.


Anonymous said...

Quite a statement made by Tehran. The folks to the east won't be taking such things for granted any longer.

Anonymous said...

The man (Afghan deputy blabla) brought a sack full of dollars and Euros.