Monday, December 20, 2010

Iran Executes Eleven Baluchis- Alleged Ties to Jundallah and Bombings

Iran executes eleven Baluchis for alleged involvement in terrorist campaigns in the Iranian Baluchistan and membership in the rebel group Jundallah. The justice department spokesman linked the people executed to a number of terrorist attacks in recent months, but did not provide any details about their alleged involvement in those attacks.

Jundallah has claimed responsibility for 15 December suicide bombing attack in Chahbahar that killed 38 people. Today’s executions are seen as the government’s response to that terrorist attack, although those executed were probably already in detention at the time two young Jundallah members detonated their suicide vests during a Shia religious procession in Chahbahar.


Anonymous said...

Is that all ? only 11 bastards ?

Hang em high, these wahabi Saudi bastards


Anonymous said...

a good day
11 pakistani terrorists executed
The Subside Reform introduced without problem

Anonymous said...

Send special forces inside Pakistan and hunt them down. Do it Like the UK as they are sending its terrorists into Iran to kill scientists.

Dariush London