Thursday, December 2, 2010

Iran Arrests Suspects Over Nuclear Scientist Assassination - UPDATE

Iran’s Intelligence Minister Haidar Moslehi said today in Tehran that the security forces have made “a number of arrests” in the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari. Another nuclear scientist, Freidoun Abbasi, was also targeted but survived the assassination attempt. Moslehi accused the Israeli Mossad, MI6 and the CIA of involvements in the attacks.

Moslehi did not provide any details on the arrests, the identity of the detainees, or their possible links to the foreign intelligence agencies. It was not immediately clear if the announcement was an attempt by the government to calm down the public outrage over the attacks, or the authorities had actually identified and detained the attackers.

UPDATE – Iran’s deputy chief of the Judiciary, Ebrahim Raisi, told the prayers at the Friday Prayer in Tehran that the Israeli Mossad with the help of local nationals has carried out the attacks on the nuclear scientists. He promised that the perpetuators would be arrested and brought to justice. Oddly, he did not mention, or was unaware of, that the country’s intelligence minister had already announced the arrest of the suspects in the attacks.


Anonymous said...

Waterboarding is the answer to the traitors. better still send them to Guantanamo!

Nader Uskowi said...

You don't need to worry, they have the Evin!

Anonymous said...

Evin is a hotel compared to Gitmo and Bagram, not to mention the abu ghoreib.

Did I mention the at least 100 Gitmo like dungeons across the world managed by the US ??

I wish they could hang these MF's with their testicles, like the Catholics used to do with peasants in the middle ages to cash in on Vatican Taxes.


Nader Uskowi said...


I guess you haven't spent a single night at Evin hotel! Tell this to those who have spent months and years there. Evin was a disgrace to the old regime, and continues to be a disgrace to the present one. Let's not justify its disgraceful existence with other disgraceful prisons in the world.

Your last comment of going back to middle ages to find solutions to political problems facing Iran is representative of the backwardness of the Islamic Republic.

Anonymous said...

Nader jan,

Evin veterans bear their Evin experience like a medal on their chests.

They demand recognition and respect from everyone and everywhere,... now regardless of their reasons for having being there...

Its kinda like the holocaust of the jews, who keep wanting to cash in on those events.

Now I am sorry Nader jan, but stop boring me with your Evin experience.... I shall compensate you when I become the King of the World.

Till then allow me my humble freedom of expression ;)

Bless you and all Iran loving buggers out there. (except the MKO)


Anonymous said...

Now be careful Illuminat

Critcizing Israeli policies ...means one is anti-Semit
Criticizing Iran's opposition.... menas one is a Mozdoor (mercenary of the regime)
Criticizing US policy in the ME... means you are a Hitler (according to Fox)

Evin bears 80% Murderes and smugglers 10% Financial criminals
and I agree 10% politically motivated prisoners that should not be.
But I guess the discussion will now be about the numbers of political Prisoners (like the holocaust Numbers).

Nahid Hamburg/Germany

Anonymous said...

No unkind words to the owner of this platform, please.

Dariush London

Nader Uskowi said...


I am in total agreement with you; you should be able to criticize Israel without being branded anti-semite. The Iranian opposition needs to be criticized as harshly, and same for the US policies. You would gain credibility, however, if you could as harshly criticize the policies of the Islamic Republic when you see something is wrong. Are you ready for that?