Monday, December 6, 2010

Iran, Major Powers Resume Nuclear Talks

The talks between Iran and the major powers on the Iranian nuclear program resumed today in Geneva. The two-day meeting is the first in nearly 15 months. During the period the UN, the US and the EU imposed additional economic sanctions on Iran and the Iranian nuclear facilities became targets of Stuxnet attack and other covert operations. In the meantime, Iran expanded its nuclear program by producing yellowcake inside the country and enriching uranium to 20% grade.

Iran insists that its nuclear program is peaceful and would not accept any suspension of its uranium enrichment program. The West insists that such suspension is needed to ensure that Iran is not making fuel for nuclear warheads.

A compromise is increasingly looking difficult to achieve. A possible option is a variation of an older plan whereby Iran would transfer most of its current inventory of low enriched uranium abroad in return for higher enriched fuel for the country’s research reactor.


Anonymous said...

To demand an impossibility equals unwillingness to come together.
Yet Europe wants to keep Israelis on a leash by holding talks and pretending to be in control.

Iran will have to stand firm.
Die on your feet,rather than living on your knees.

Long Live Iran

Anonymous said...

I think negotiations are a fool thing from the beggining.The US is in the lost side of the table,they hav enot cards to avoid a nuclear Iran. Military option is not on the table,because Israel and american interests everywhere,simply military is not an option against Iran,THE option for americans is to surrender to iranians, or lost the match,forever.Iran knows the US has nothing to harm them,US is weaker every day and israel doesn´t dare to meve a finger against nuclear Iran.

Kemjika said...

The fact is that Iran seems to have leverage while the western countries dont. yes the sanctions are biting,but thats as far as they will go. Iran on the other is the sole decider on the progress of its nuclear program.After the wikileaks dump, the EU and US look like even BIGGER hypocrites about ME politics.

Anonymous said...

Jalili: Negotiation over Iranian Nation's Rights "Impossible"

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's top negotiator Saeed Jalili underlined that Tehran would never accept to attend talks about the Iranian nation's rights, and said Iran will continue negotiations with the world powers in future only if the opposite sides remain loyal to the agreement made in today's session in Geneva.