Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Transport, AWACS and Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Top to bottom:
- An-74TK-200
- An-74s during IRGC maneuvers
- Il-76 AEW
- C-130 Hercules
- P-3F Orion


Anonymous said...

Hi mark, I seem to recall iran was going to manufacture an Iran-140 plane based on an ukranian design to haul cargo. There was also talk of using this as a base for an awac. Do you know what the state of this project.


Mark Pyruz said...

The HESA IrAN-140 is built under license from Antanov. It can be configured to act as maritime recognizance or an Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft, but to my knowledge no such variant equipped with rotodome was displayed at the National Armed Forces Day last April, where much of Iran's military aircraft made an appearance. However, an IRIAF Il-76 AEW did make a flyby over Tehran.


Anonymous said...

The Awac crashed as far as i know.