Monday, June 30, 2008

Iranian Armor Updates

From Press TV:
Iran has launched a production line for superior 'Quick Reaction' tanks as part of the country's campaign for defense self-sufficiency. Head of the self-sufficiency unit of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps ground forces, Colonel Nasser Arab-Beigi, said Iran has successfully started the production of a 'Quick Reaction' tank named 'Tosan'.

He added that a project to modernize engine and fire control systems for T-55 tanks is also underway.

Col. Arab-Beigi said the self-sufficiency unit is also working on projects to enhance passive defense systems and secure the country's military sites. He said the unit had been producing tactical vehicles since 1993, adding that it has also started work on anti-shield military equipment and electro-optical surveillance systems.

Above photos, top to bottom:
- Scorpion light tank, believed to be the basis for the Tosan (Wild Horse or Fury) Rapid Response Tank.
- Turret view of an updated Iranian T-55 type tank.

Additional sources:
Fars News
Jane's Armour and Artillery


Joseph Sixpack said...

Are those reactive armor tiles on top of the tank? If so, is the assumption that those tiles will degrade the effectiveness of top-down attack weapons, such as our Javelin?

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Well, if that is true, what impact do you think it would have on the international relations and what the American and Israeli response will be?

Anonymous said...

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