Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Air-Launched Weapons Pt. 2

Top to bottom:
- Retard-750 (M-117) and Retard-1000 (MK-83) bombs
- Fattar-1 air-to-air missile
- Sejil air-to-air missile
- Qadr (GBU-67) air-to-surface missile


Joseph Sixpack said...

Okay, I'll ask what everyone is thinking. What does "retard" mean in Farsi? And do they realize what it means in English?

Mark Pyruz said...

Hi Joseph. Actually "retard" is the American term for an air-dropped bomb fitted with retarders, that slow the bomb's descent to allow the aircraft time to escape detonation.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, I am sure Iranians know the term "retard" but in Persian its called "Bush"