Saturday, June 14, 2008

Iran Rejects Nuclear Offer

President Ahmadinejad Inspecting Centrifuges
Natanz. 8 April 2008.
Uranium enrichment activities in Natanz has become the stumbling block
to start talks in ending nuclear standoff with Iran

Iran’s Government Spokesman Qolam Hossein Elham said today in Tehran that Iran will reject the nuclear deal offered by the six major powers because it demands the suspension of nuclear enrichment activities while negotiations over the final agreement is underway.

EU foreign policy chief arrived in Tehran on Friday night to present P5+1 new incentive package to Iran. The group was offering economic and political incentives to Tehran to restart negotiations in ending the nuclear standoff. The proposed package included support for Iran in developing a modern nuclear energy program. Iran, however, was asked to halt enrichment while the talks continued.

In Paris, the visiting President Bush expressed his disappointment that Iran has rejected “generous” European offer to settle the crisis.

“I am disappointed that the leaders rejected this generous offer out of hand. It is an indication to the Iranian people that their leadership is willing to isolate them further,” Bush said at a joint news conference with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

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This is an iranian boy(19).I read your article.