Monday, June 2, 2008

Admiral Fallon on US/Iran Naval Relations

According to a recent interview in the New York Times:

During his one-year tenure as head of the Central Command, [Admiral Fallon] proposed a navy-to-navy relationship with Iran as a way to begin a sustained dialogue with the country after nearly three decades without diplomatic relations, Bush administration officials said, speaking anonymously according to normal diplomatic rules. The proposal was not revolutionary; other commanders had floated such an idea before. But it was quickly rejected by the White House as rewarding Tehran, the officials said.

Admiral Fallon declined to discuss the initiative, although he acknowledges that he favors dialogue and patience, not war, with Iran, and that the Navy could provide a way to begin the process.

“In the conduct of daily business, we routinely have excellent communications with the Iranian Navy,” he said. “When the conditions are right, it might be a reasonable way of interaction — to build on existing maritime communications.”

Interesting that formal relations between navies at a potential flash point for war should not be granted by the United States government. In the pursuit of peace, it is a sound idea. However, in the pursuit of war, it is not.

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