Monday, June 30, 2008

Iranian Fast Attack Craft

New Iranian-built fast attack craft with platforms for two C-701 (Kowsar) anti-ship missiles.


Anonymous said...

experts in us army or som admiral said that with swarm tacktics of iranian boats which are about almost 1500 boats in persian gulf´,we dont have any answer.and they are very dangeous if they attck so it is good bye just like what they did to brits.

Abu Ikhwan said...


Some also believe each boat carry 2 torpedo at their side.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia salutes the brave, brilliant, and resourceful Iranians in their Anti colonial struggle against the UK-US Imperialists and their Zionist masters.
How far you have advanced solely on your own ability- it is an inspiration to all oppressed peoples.
The FREE world LOVES IRAN! This is the world outside the slavery of the US and UK where most of us live.
235 million Indonesians love and support Iran, though we may be Sufi Sunnis, Allah Akbar unites us.
Iran is the much needed counterweight to US Israeli hegemony and their savage Saudi puppets in the Middle-East.
Finally, Iran will bring some dignity to the poor Free Arab people especially the genocide affected Palestinians.
We all hope Fascist Israel may be washed away and Jew and Muslim live in peace in a Palestine as before Balfour's lunacy.

We also hope and pray like all good Muslims including the Iranians all conflicts can be solved peaceably and without bloodshed as the innocents always suffer hardest.
Mailakum Salam brother Iran

Anonymous said... are just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Purba you are an intelligent man.
You are not fooled like so many in the West and Middle East.