Sunday, June 15, 2008

Iranian Counter-Psychological Warfare

From PressTV:

Iran declares that countering the enemy's 'soft threats' and 'psychological warfare' is a top priority for the country's Armed Forces. Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar called on all Iranian military forces on Saturday to maintain constant vigilance against conspiracies by the sworn enemies of the Islamic Republic.

"Currently the top priority for Iran's Armed Forces is to stand up to the enemy's soft threats and psychological warfare," Brig. Gen. Mohammad-Najjar said.

The Iranian minister's remarks came after reports surfaced that certain Western countries had authorized covert operations in a bid to destabilize the Islamic Republic. Iran has repeatedly warned that the country's Armed Forces are fully prepared to counter military attacks with any intensity, adding that the Iranian military would make the enemy regret initiating any incursions.

Another cold war communique made by Iran's military. Under the circumstances, internal security is a top priority for Iran. General Najjar's comments appear to be directed at external threats being focusing on the internal well being of the Islamic Republic, and its potential effect on Iran's citizenry. This is a justification for greater security measures within Iran. Najjar also aims to bolster confidence within the Iranian armed forces, in the face of repeated threats of war from foreign powers.

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