Sunday, May 3, 2009

Israel Conducts Air Drill above Gibraltar

IDF F-16
AP File Photo

The IDF F-16 warplanes have conducted a drill above the Strait of Gibraltar, the French weekly L'Express reported today. The exercise was held some 3,800 km (2,361 miles) from Israel, and included mid-air refueling drill.

The magnitude of 2,361 miles distance from Israel mimics the distance required if Israel was to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.


Paul Iddon said...

did it say how many planes that were there?

because last July they did the same with something like 300 F-16's and F-15's if I remember correctly

Anonymous said...

Israel can not attack Iran without special codes given to them by the US military in order to avoid eventual conflicts while in US friendly contries air space.(like Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Saudi Ar.)

If Iran is ever attacked, it will be done with US blessing.(and codes)

Iran ought not to buy this rubbish of Israeli lone ranger bla bla, and sink some ships in retaliation in the Persian Gulf.

Anonymous said...

israel can eat shit

dan said...

The one thing that the Times relies on is that (nearly) everyone has amnesia.

They ran pretty much the exact same story as this in January 2007 - IAF pilots doing practice runs to Gibraltar and back as a prelude to an attack on Iran.