Monday, May 11, 2009

Iran Shifts from Russia to China on S-300

HQ-9 SAM System
Aftab News File Photo

Iran’s Aftab News reported today that Iran has given up its hope to purchase the potent S-300 SAM system from Russia and will instead purchase HongQi-9/FD-2000 system from China. The HQ-9 is a Chinese version of Russian S-300.

Uskowi on Iran had first posted the news on Saturday 9 May.


Kemjika said...

Uskowi i have a question for you!
THis top is argued about soooooo much on really would like to have an informed opinion like yours voice in on this.

Does Iran have Russian s-300s in the country right now???? What about operational s-300s?

Nader Uskowi said...


No, I have seen no indications that Iran has any Russian S-300s. There are indeed students of Iranian military who believe Iran received the system late last year, but I am not convinced. No indications as of yet.