Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reza Seyyed-Hosseini: 1926 – 2009

Reza Seyyed-Hosseini: 1926 - 2009
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Reza Seyyed-Hosseini, the veteran translator, author, literary critic and researcher, passed away on Friday at the age of 83 at a Tehran Hospital. His funeral services will be held at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on Sunday 3 May.

Seyyed-Hossieni translated numerous outstanding works of French literature including those by Albert Camus, Andre Malraux and Jean Paul Sartre.

Abdollah Kowsari, one of Iran’s renowned translators, said of Seyyed-Hosseini, “We owe a great part of our knowledge of French literature to him,” [Mehr New Agency, 1 May].

This blogger believes that Omid, Seyyed-Hosseini’s translation of Andre Malraux’s Man’s Hope, is probably the best translation of a major work of literature ever produced in Iran.

Uskowi on Iran extends its deep condolences to Seyyed-Hosseini’s family and to the people of Iran.


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Reza Seyyed-Hosseini

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Is that significant to the naming of the Omid I know?

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