Saturday, May 9, 2009

Iran to Purchase Chinese S-300

Iranian news agency ISNA is quoting Russian news sources that Iran is likely to purchase Chinese FD-2000 air defense missile system. The FD-2000, also known by its original Chinese designation as HQ-9, closely resembles, some say copies, the S-300, Russia’s potent anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system.

Reference: For an overview and analysis of HQ-9 system, see: “The HQ-9 SAM System: A Site Analysis,” at IMINT & Analysis, 27 October 2007.

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More details about the system here:

It's easy to see why China is interested. Replacing an S-300 sale is a big coup for them in the global arms trade competition but it also points up their reliability as a supplier and resistance to US pressure. At the end of the day, the Russians have never hesitated to sell out a client if it advances their own interests.

China is hoping to displace Russia as the major supplier of arms to the Middle East and they really have made it clear to the US that nothing will prevent them from selling whatever they produce. The US has precisely zero leverage on this point. The only move they might make is to cancel arms sales to Taiwan in exchange, but this is very unlikely.

For a discussion of China's hopes for expanded influence in the Middle East see: