Monday, May 11, 2009

Roxana Saberi to Be Freed Today

Roxana Saberi, the jailed US journalist, will be freed today after an Iranian appellate court suspended her prison term and allowed her to leave the country.

Uskowi on Iran extends its warmest congratulations to Roxana, her family and the journalists around the world.


Anonymous said...

So what you say now Uskowi, that some not all of the evidence has been brought to the public domain. Watch a few Zionist agents being arrested in Iran very shortly. Rumor has it the Iranian, Cuban secret agents are on par with Israel Mossad. She was guilty and should have served her sentence!

سحاب Sahab said...

التقرير السري من الأكيد انه الأتفاقية الامريكية الايرانية لاحتلال العراق وتدميره
والان بعد بداية كشف الأوراق ظهر على السطح قضية الصحفية