Monday, May 11, 2009

UPDATE: Roxana Saberi Freed

Roxana Saberi was freed from prison in Tehran. She is expected to leave Iran shortly.

UPDATE: Roxana Saberi left Tehran tonight for Vienna, Austria, on her way to the US, the NPR reported [14 May 2009.]

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Anonymous said...

Good news. There was no way this situation could help Iran. Unable or unwilling to show the evidence against her, the Iranian government could not possibly alleviate the skepticism of the global community.

It is interesting, as an aside, that the two Western journalists being held in North Korea have not generated the same international outcry. Despite the casual equation of the two nations in US rhetoric, the fact remains that North Korea is simply beyond the reach of global pressure. There is no point in organizing a human rights campaign against Pyongyang and so no one tries. Tehran can be reasoned with, however, and this is important to remember.