Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rezaei: Saving Iran from “Path of Destruction”

Mohsen Rezaei Entering the Presidential Race
Tehran . 3 May 2009 . Press TV Photo

Presidential candidate and former IRGC commander Mohsen Rezaei accused Iran’s sitting president of leading the country into “the path of destruction.” [Press TV, 3 May].

“The truth is that our nation has two very different paths at hand. If President Ahmadinejad gets his way, we will fall off the cliff … we will be defeated," Rezaei said.

Rezei made the comments during a press conference in Tehran on Sunday after officially announcing his bid in the upcoming presidential elections.

Rezaei commanded the IRGC during the war with Iraq. But his popularity among the current IRGC officers and troops is questionable. He is also the executive secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council, a body headed by Ayatollah Rafsanjani charged with building consensus among the warring political factions within the Islamic Republic.

Rezaei vowed to stay on the electoral scene to “the bitter end,” challenging Ahmadinejad from within the principlist (conservative) camp in the June 12 elections.

In his press conference, Rezaei also cast doubts on viability of the platform offered by the reformist candidates.

"I reviewed the literature of the Reformists, but unfortunately I could not find any plan for the reform of the past. They created a contrast between religion and freedom, but this contrast has not served the interests of the people," he noted.

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