Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saudi Arabia may give Israel use of its airspace to attack Iran

Riyadh lately has begun to speak openly to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of the potential need for a military option against Iran.

The German news magazine SPIEGEL claimed in an article yesterday that there exists a strong unity between Israel and Persian Gulf's Arab states against a militarily powerful Iran.

Recent reports even go on to suggest that Saudi Arabia would likely even open up their airspace for Israeli warplanes to cross to attack Iran!

Similar reports had come out about a year ago around the same time the US stated they had no intent on letting Israeli warplanes crossing Iraqi airspace.


Kemjika said...

Saudi arabia has really become a US stooge and seems to actually have little real clout in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Correction: change "it's" to "its".

Anonymous said...

Pahlavi junior has asked them (Saudis)to let the Israelis fly through.

Sometimes I don't understand Iran, When Iran is being blamed for everything in that region and cursed as terrorists by the west etc. etc. Then why on earth don't They (Iran) start whacking some Arab princes next to bringing down some Helis in Afghanistan, what are they afraid of ... being called names ???

b said...

This whole talk of Saudis supporting anything against Iran is much nonsense. The SPIEGEL piece didn't even name a source. It pulled a claim out of thin air.

The Sauids would be nuts to allow Israel to use their airspace. It could lead to a civil war with SA and I am sure they don't want that.

dan said...

This is a story that recurs at regular intervals - it's always unsourced, and it's always bunk.

What everyone fails to understand that by permitting third party access to ones airspace for an attack on another country, one becomes a co-belligerent party in military action. Essentially, if the Saudis let Israel use their territory to attack Iran they then commit themselves to being at war with Iran. This is not a situation that the Saudis have ANY interest in placing themselves in.

As regards the use of Iraqi airspace - this has been off the table since the UN mandate of December 2003 ( now replaced by the Iraq-US SOFA of 2008 ) came into force.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the title should be corrected.
Change "it's" to "its". The apostrophe in this case indicates a contraction of "it is", not the possessive.

PersianPride said...

This is all part of the so-called psychological warfare being waged against Iran, does any sensible person think that the Saudis would be that naive to allow the Israelis access to their airspace? I think not because their oil fields and cities would be set alight for the foreseeable future.