Saturday, March 20, 2010

Norouz Message by President Obama

President Obama's Norouz Message. 20 March 2010
(Click on YouTube video for full view of Persian subtitles)

Last year, President Obama’s
message was aimed at the senior leadership of the Islamic Republic, showing the way ahead for normalization of relations between the two countries. This year’s message is a commentary on Islamic Republic’s refusal to regard Obama’s presidency as a new beginning in US-Iranian relationship.


Naj said...

HAppy new year, friend.

Obama should stop giving these rude greeting messages. how uncultured to bring filthy political finger (pointing) into celebration of nature.

Anonymous said...

What message is to be taken seriously, the one coming from this Obama,
or the one coming from his Foreign sec. Clinton who does not seem to want to pass an opportunity to starve and kill Iranian children through sanctions.

I say screw his greetings, lets simply get ready for what is coming at Iran.

Anonymous said...

Iran should stop fooling itself.
as long as Israel influences US policy, no friendship between Iran and the US will be allowed by the AIPAC people.
Iran should really start getting ready for a regional conflict.

Anonymous said...

Iran's and the world's problems, start and end with Israel.
Solve the Israel problem, all will be fine.

Kemjika said...

3 words about this speech: TALK IS CHEAP.

Anonymous said...

Iranians should not get too impatient.
Obama is doing what he can, he is staying away from this years AIPAC meeting (if thats not a message)

he can not start kissings Irans arse, just to show his "eradat". you know !

Give the man a breake and give him some room to breath.

As Long as he is the President , Iran shall not be attacked. (I hope).

Iran really should hurry and get its "deterent" asap, whatever that might be and not be so dependant on US lobbyists swings and sways.