Sunday, March 21, 2010

Khamenei Criticizes Obama

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused US President Barack Obama of plotting against Iran while giving lip service to “peace and friendship” between the two nations. The Iranian leader made the comments during a live TV address to the nation on the occasion of Noruz, the Persian New Year. Khamenei added that Obama’s offer of educational and cultural exchanges between the two countries was made with ill intentions. He also criticized the US for referring to the Green movement supporters as civil activists instead of “rioters.”


Anonymous said...

I heard that an Iranian singer called "Obi" or "Ebi" has cursed Ahmadinejad on the BBC persian service and told him to p... off and etc etc etc.

I dont know what is funnier, him and his song being promoted by the BBC or the fact that his(Obi or Ebi's) "opium" consumption is known to cost more than the budget of a small African country.

Thats what is meant when the Greens start to beg such "people" to stop claiming to be supporting them cause they bring more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

My parenst tell me, the Iranian Royalists distinguish themselves by being either extraordinarily bad mouthed or extrem opium addicts.
I think this Ebi is one of them.

Anonymous said...

last years was the greatest plan of u.s.a and u.k for iran has gone to the drain the green revolution has gone noway even closed by spending billion on billion doller to distroy iranian reziem iran open new field to all world to count truelly people vote that was first senario west hand is open after many years of quiet taking people vote to switch to defferend senario has clearefield the reality of west they push every thing in the level of high pressure in order to gain the ground now reality west countries are weeker than were thought for this years iran will smarter than ever come on the round table and will crash intire opposition they have the hart of middle east to make west tersty of oil and gas secondly has capable to stop usa and any nation try to be aggresive againest them thirldly usa and uk plus israel does not have the capabality to distroy iran can make damaged for billion of dollers but they maked dessision to go for war to make last stand againest all and as usa and uk did not capable to do segnificant damaged in soft war againest iran ,they will be sooner or later respond back to them other issue is usa and uk plus israel lost the intellegent war againest iran and last war will be big suprised to usa againest iran this will be not far away may be next mounth or latest 2 month time is israel ready for it this is rellegious war muslim face the israel, israel can win with sony but no chance to win the shia forces are much more complax than any forces exist in the world so let see the final of this senario where would be end. it is simple you can not win iran whether in politics whether in military wheather in section they will come winner of all as i said they will be the winner of all because they plan 2 step better than any one can possibly thing about it.

Anonymous said...

What obama and khamenei have to do with some buggers opium consumtion beats me.
but yes , I know this Ebi and I say, simply flush him away as you might flush other stuff away ;)...wushshshshsh !

And gone he is :)