Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ahmadinejad on Iran's world presence

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has stated that Iran is among the worlds top powers and has influential role in Latin America, Central Asia and Africa and has criticized the western powers for trying to undermine Iran:

"This is not a rhetoric issue in a political war. This is a fact. The countries on the opposite side can do nothing without Iran.

They do not want to see Iran's presence in international relations and equations. They have no option but to keep silent about consecutive victories of the Iranian nation."

...he was quoted as stating.

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William deB. Mills said...

Iran and Israel may be suffering from the two most puffed up regimes on earth at the moment. (Is "puffed up" a valid technical term in political science?) The people of both countries are suffering from their leaders' pretensions, and Washington is unfortunately feeding those egos.

Washington needs carefully considered policy toward each of these two dangerous countries, but it does not necessarily need to talk endlessly about either how horrible or how wonderful any particular leaders may be.

If Washington officials kept quiet, I would of course have less to blog about, and that would be a pity. However, U.S. and global security would be strengthened if Washington stopped treating Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu like 10-foot-tall supermen. Politicians who ride their own hot air into office will disappear if they are ignored.

Drop the rhetoric, do your homework, work with moderate folks who offer reasoned ideas (e.g., Lula, Erdogan), and focus on changing the real situation on the ground.