Tuesday, March 2, 2010

China demands diplomacy on Iran's nuclear program


In light of Russia and the west planning new sanctions on Iran with regard to it's nuclear program, China has come forward demanding that diplomacy with Iran be given more time.

China's latest statement came as a senior US diplomat, James Steinberg, arrived in Beijing on the highest level visit since relations when American and Chinese relations briefly tensed up two weeks ago.

Iran rejected a UN International Atomic Energy Agency claim it was not co-operating with its investigation.

World powers say Iran is enriching uranium to make nuclear weapons, but the Tehran government continually denounces this claim stating their program is for civilian purposes.


Anonymous said...

china has smart political move than russian ,russian politician as mevedve the president of russian is so week can not handle current setuation in russian affair ,person require of strong levreges such as putin to carry country in proper way ,on political issue such as supper power china and iran is the best level as ever been . that is china more confedence of iran than any country in the middle east to take his energy demand more secure that even usa and the rest of middle east can not secure them bottom line iran has position to cut any time require to smash intire area and hold it for long long time usa will know that and can capable to make exturedinary damage in all area if the push in the corner as the commonder of irgc was saying day before ,in this area is not imporant how many ship you have matter how many missle you can send it therefore solution back of because iranian government do not back down has creat a mass of trouble to every one as in 2 weeks time heavly striking israel and keep pushing israel do to strike israel know it any wrong move long time fight ahead of him that israel can not effort long time fight for israel is gauranty to lose the war israel good small strike to target but at this time all country find it larger war and strong figher power in many month will distroy israel defence that why is iran pushing israel to ingaged for shure they prepered long ago for final fight. few day and week ok for israel but long time will lose the fight.

Anonymous said...

I like the term "Demand" :)

Since China is the only country having obtained their right of "Veto" in the security council through a Vote at the general assembly of the UN, then I consider their Demand as legitimate.


Bless Iran