Thursday, March 4, 2010

No New Sanctions - Iran Media

The reports in Iranian media indicate major failure by the US to convince the key members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) to support any new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. Kayhan reports that Russia is opposing any sanctions that directly or indirectly affect Iran’s ordinary people. The influential conservative newspaper also reports China’s opposition to any types of new sanctions against Iran [Kayhan, 4 March].

The media also is reporting the opposition to sanctions by key non-permanent members of the UNSC. Press TV reports that Turkish foreign minister, whose country is one of the current members of UNSC, opposes any new sanctions, saying imposing sanctions on Iran will have “catastrophic consequences” for the Middle East [Press TV, 4 March].

Fars New Agency reports that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has failed to convince the Brazilian president to support any sanctions against Iran [Fars, 4 March] Clinton just ended a visit to Brazil, which also holds a seat in the current session of the council.

To pass a new sanctions resolution at UNSC, the West needs to get at least nine votes in the 15-member chamber, with Russia and China not casting any veto. There are 10 non-permanent members at the council. Currently they include Brazil and Turkey as well as Austria, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda, Gabon, Bosnia and Lebanon.


Mark Pyruz said...

NAM is reportedly also endorsing Iran's nuclear rights.

This is actually a good read on the subject.

Nader Uskowi said...

The Iranian media might be overstating the existence of a unified opposition to any sanctions. In the last three times the sanctions were imposed, Russia and China changed their minds in the last minute and voted yes after the sanctions were watered down (to protect their interests).

This time, Russia has already agreed with some form of sanctions. China is the big question. The country is known for cutting last-minute deals with the US, and that possibility still exists.

New sanctions, albeit watered down versions and not “crippling”, can still be imposed. But Iran is used to absorb these types of water down sanctions; they have done it three times in the past.

Anonymous said...

it is big victory for iran in this manner that mean all effort from clinton in five month activity go down the drane so she must come with new idea to issue for new section secound victory for iran is nam they are become more stronger than this year than last year ago russian come by right call that mean they are know iran is most important than any things else to them to fail iran is avously they will go down so this two nation connect to each other then ever before,for china is always logical and smartest move in right time right momment.

Anonymous said...

All the air miles from Ms Clinton and comes empty handed, maybe O should look for someone more productive as Sec. State!