Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Iran Agents Free Diplomat

Iran’s intelligence agents have freed an Iranian diplomat who had been abducted in Pakistani town of Peshawar in November 2008. Heshmatollah Attarzadeh was going to work at the Iranian consulate in the city when abducted. The Iranian authorities did not give any details on the operation resulting in Mr. Attarzadeh’s freedom, even though they hinted that it was a cross-border operation.

The news comes weeks after the Iranian agents captured Iran’s most-wanted leader of a Sunni militant group during a daring operation. Then the Iranian Air Force jets forced a flight from Dubai to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to land in Iran and the agents reportedly picked up then-Jundallah leader Abdolmalek Rigi from the plane.


Anonymous said...

Impressive. I do however have one question. In case someone has more detailed info: Where in Pakistan did this operation take place?

Anonymous said...

impressive move for second time the world of intellegent should learn from iranian security forces specially cia should beg iran intellegent to help them to arrest ossama ben laden that prove iran is much capable of any nation to make things happend that also prove any usa and nato if done somethings wrong in iranian territory will get strong retaliation as ever befor that show cia and mossud plus uk mi for a whild set backed to see how they done it.

Anonymous said...

The USA threw the Amiri defection into the news to neutralize the report fo this operation.

Should Iranian agents be so capable, then there is no excuse for Maryam Rajavi and her husband still be running around.

PersianPride said...

Dear Anonymous (first poster), There is a strong probability that we will never get the real answer. After all, there are still many unanswered questions and contradictions with the narrative relating to Abdolmalek Rigi's capture. I suspect that the facts relating to this incident will be largely unanswered and left in a similarly ambiguous way too. What we have gotten so far, and seem likely to get more of from the state controlled media, are self-congratulatory propaganda and boastfulness of the “might” of the Islamic Republic and its armed forces than actual facts relating to this operation.

But with that said, it is good news nonetheless and i am glad that the diplomat is alive and finally free.