Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IRIS Jamaran Weapons Testing

IRIS Jamaran successfully test fires Noor AShM.

IRIS Jamaran (76) and IRIS Alborz (72).

IRIS Alborz Captain (Nakhoda Yekom) and Lieutenant (Nav Sarvan). Note skipper's American style cap and vessel designation, as well as the fraternal nature of the crew.


Anonymous said...

Why does the hull not appear smooth and there are black streaks on it?

Mark Pyruz said...

Guessing here: the horizontal black streaks might be related to docking/tugs. (They've been there at least since formal launch.)

The vertical streak at the midship appears to be related to the missile launch.

The overall uneven surface elements of the hull appears construction related.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd to have these uneven surface elements?

Why did Iran choose to essentially replicate an older design (with modifications and upgrades), and expenditure of massive manpower and funds, rather than something more current? See for example the Turkish Milgem class corvette.

Mark Pyruz said...

The program began roughly ten years ago. Sanctions intervened. There were issues with powerplant selections. Going at it alone, technological achievements were required.

In the Milgem class example, the Turks started a little later, having the advantage of access to current Western design and technological application.

It would be interesting to compare the two classes in terms of cost.

Going at it alone; replication, improvisation and inserted upgrade appears to be the hallmark of Iranian arms design. In so doing, a measure of self-sufficiency is gained in the process.

b said...

Having been shipbuilder for a short time the hull looks very normal to me.

The black streaks at the back of the ship are shadows from the net that is the rail of the helicopter deck. For helo operation the rails get clapped down 0ß degrees like on the picture and one sees its net structure as shadow on the ship.

The black streak beyond the missile is the shadow from the missile smoke.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what is the source of this pics?

Anonymous said...

Is this ship equipped with some kind of home made or Chinese Phalanx anti-missile system.

Anonymous said...

Is this ship equipped with some kind of home made or Chinese Phalanx anti-missile system.

Unknown said...

BIG waist of money
If I was going to spend all that money to build a ship that size I would make sure it was capable of firing
10 long-range Anti-Ship missiles, 10 Anti-Aircraft Missiles & 10 ground attack cruise Missiles
& that's at the very least
also a vertical launching system (VLS)would be a requirement
Even if my current arsenal of Missiles didn't have Vertical launch capability I would still put a VLS on my ship 4 the future

specially do to the size of our Navy we need to make up for it with Missiles

also adding stealth features to your design is not that hard taking out vertical surfaces alone does wonders even thou we don't have Passive Radar technology right now & it wont make a difference for us today still u gotta think about the future

A ship that size will be in your fleet for decades

some may say this is an achievement but I say it's a disaster