Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Iran Releases More Detainees; Closes Down Etemad

The Iranian authorities have freed on bail a number of political prisoners in the past two days. Among the detainees released were Mohammad Maleki, the first president of the University of Tehran after the revolution. Maleki, 75, was the oldest person detained during the post-election massive wave of arrest of journalists, academics, human rights activists and political figures and supporters of the Green movement.

Also released from the Evin prison on Monday, were Foad Sadeghi, the renowned journalist, as well as Mohammad Reza Maghsieh, Mahsa Jazini and Mehdi Motamedi Mehr. On Sunday, a group of other prominent journalists, including Mashallah Shamszaezin, Abdol Reza Tajik, Mohammad Jafar Mozaffar, Behrang Tonekaboni and Ali Hekmat, were released after posting heavy bonds.

On Monday, however, the authorities closed down the influential reformist newspaper, Etemad. Later that day, a renowned film director, Jafar Panahi, was arrested.


Mark Pyruz said...

My grandfather was one of the first presidents of the University of Tehran.

Nader Uskowi said...

Mark, the presidency of the University of Tehran has always been one of the most prestigious positions in Iran, not just in academics but in the society as a whole. Your grandfather, holding that position especially during those times, had a position almost parallel in influence as that of the prime minister.

The presidents of Tehran University were very much aware of the high expectations of them, and acted as conscious of the society, not just a university administrator. We should all cherish your grandfather's memory. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I knew Mr Maleki who was released yesterday from Evin personally. During the first term of the university after the revolution, he was the president and I was a young lecturer at the school of political and social sciences.