Tuesday, January 26, 2010

News coverage from the latter parts of the Iran-Iraq war

These original news reports are from the later stage of the Iran Iraq War (including associated naval warfare between the US and Iran in the Persian Gulf).

Special thanks to nighthawk006phoenix for putting these online:


Khashayar said...

Very interesting videos . Keep up the good work you guys .

Paul Iddon said...

thanks Khashayar

nighthawk006phoenix is a channel worth checking out on YouTube, he has some great old news clips well worth checking out

Mark Pyruz said...

Ah, the bad old days when it came to news reporting. (Reminds me of listening to war reports over public radio with my late dad.)

It was so hard back then keeping up with the Iran-Iraq War. The reporting here in the US was so spotty and biased. There were so few photos published or videos. The Iranian perspective was hardly ever depicted. Months would go by without any reports; sometimes a year would go by.

Really, much of what we now know has only been made available in the last ten years, especially with the advent of the internet. Still, Western military chauvinism dies hard.

Paul Iddon said...

Hi Mark,
this is true, it was clearly so biased that it isnt' even acknowledged in the US that the IRIAF achieved more air to air victories than the US in the Vietnam War

thank God for the internet is all I can say, I've learned a lot from it!

Naj said...

wow; candy store!